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All of the guest book quilts in my shop are on sale 10 % off now through Wednesday of this week!!  No coupon needed.

However, the whole shop has a sale for 15% off, coupon code “happybirthday9”.  That means that on guest book quilts you can save 25% just by purchasing before Wednesday.

25% off!!

Shop guest book quilts here.

Additional items you might want to have at your wedding if you buy a guest book quilt (click pictures to view details):


The photo contest continues, and you have until January 27th to send me a picture. I choose a winner on January 28th.  Winner gets a quilt!  See the details here.




The Name Plate

There are a few things I wanted to show in this post.

– a new guest book quilt with a big old name plate in the middle (because everyone keeps asking after one)

– a tiny extra rag quilt

– the whip a wheel quilt (beginnings)



Hopefully, you are seeing the big block in the middle.  I wish I had taken a close up of it.  I think there are some on my instagram pre-quilted if you’d like a better view.



I’ve been covering up my quilts lately with very dense quilting, making it much more crinkly.



Find out all the details about the Name Plate Guest Book Quilt here.  Or see my other options for a guest book quilt here.

unnamed (2)



I whipped this up between orders this week.  It’s small measuring 35×35 inches and is currently in the shop ready to ship here.


These are some of Amy Butler’s Love in Soul fabrics that I found stashed away.  I’m trying to work through my stash best I can and use things up.






I’ve made about a dozen patterns on EQ7 in the past several months.  I seem to be making patterns, but can’t find the time to get the quilting done.  So I’m trying to catch up now.  This is a very simple pattern called Whip a Wheel.  I have too many strips in my stash and I’m trying to work through them.

unnamed (1)

More to come on this quilt soon.


Lots of New-ness

First things first. I have been working on some beasts of projects for orders and have completely given up hope on starting a new scrappy quilt, which is what you know I want to be doing. The beasts of projects have kept me busy and my head down. I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel and my head is turning to rise.

I have one more beast to get through before I will start this project that I talked about a while back.

When I say beast, please don’t think ugly, they are anything but. Please think time consuming and difficult, but the end result is more than worth it.

I just finished this one.

At first glance and first thought, I was thinking this would be an easier custom order. After all, it’s not a whole quilt, just a bed runner. WRONG. It features 190-something half square triangles made with LINEN. Oh, yes.

I thought I might never finished. My neck hurt so badly on the quilting and the trimming that I almost felt like I needed some time off, but I carried on and got it done and it almost hurt to send it to its rightful owner. I was thinking how lovely it would look at the foot of my own bed.

I truly hope it’s loved. My incredibly nice customer Lynn designed it all herself. She did such a great job with it.

If you think you yourself might like a bed runner, I have ‘mazey triangles’ listed in my ETsy shop here.

If you want to design your own as well, I’m only an email away.

I have been enjoying learning how to free motion quilt. For those of you who do not sew or quilt, free motion quilting is where I lower the feed-dog (aka. The gadget that pulls my quilt backwards on a sewing machine), and move the quilt around freely in any design or direction I choose. This opens up a lot of possibilities for the quilting design and doesn’t limit me to straight line quilting.

I have made myself a board of pinterest quilting designs I hope to try in the near future.

Here is a custom order I finished just the other day and did a meandering quilting design.

Learning new tricks makes my job so much more fun and exciting for me.

Remember this?

Well I got some of what I was working on done.

I was working on aprons. Yes, adorable, half vintage, half modern, aprons. I think I’m in LOVE.

They are quick, they are easy, and I made three of them. One I am keeping and two I have listed in my Etsy shop.

Find them and all their details here.

And finally, last but not least. I have created a new guest book quilt with pictures.

Find out all about these here.

So that is it for now. Hope it was picture overload for you. Have a lovely Sunday!!

Order Progress

Yesterday was a fairly rough day for me. Nothing wrong with it. I just felt horrible. Maybe it was only getting 6 hours of sleep for the past few nights and it finally caught up to me. I went to bed early, completely drained. I feel much more refreshed today and ready to make some progress.

Joellen H: I completed your quilt top.

Nhi D: I have your quilt top halfway completed.

Christina S: Your quilt was pinned, quilted, and unpinned.

Ashley M: I am not skipping your order, but I went to make it yesterday and didn’t have the pillow form. I had to get in touch with the company I bought it from and it still has not been shipped, but is now on its way. Sorry about the delay. As soon as it comes in, I will finish it up.

Customer Pictures

I’ve been getting dozens of customer pictures for the photo contest. But I wanted to share a few earlier that are a display of the quilt blocks for the wedding guest book quilts. I just thought this was SO creative and I have lots of customers always asking me what they should do with them, or how they should display them.

These are all from Brittany and her beautiful wedding.

These are too darling. I love them. What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing these with me Brittany.

Queen Size Guest Book Quilt—A quilt on a Wall

I not too long ago saw a lady making a quilt on a YouTube video. I can’t seem to find it to link back to it, but in the video she had tacked the quilt on a wall to make layering it easier. I knew I had to try this.

I have so much trouble on big quilts like this one to get all 3 layers to be taut.

I can’t believe how much quicker the smoothing out went. It kinda makes me mad I didn’t think of this before. Where were you smart quilty lady the last time I did a quilt this big?

Sorry for all the pics with bad lighting. It’s my hallway. Yes, I put nails at the top of my walls in my house, but you they are so high you don’t notice them (or at least I hope). I don’t think the lady in the video used nails, but I did and that I used those little paper pincher things to hold the quilt then hang on to the nails.

I will now be doing all these quilts like this.

The quilt shown in the pics is a queen size guest book quilt for a wedding. If you are interested in purchasing one, please see here.

Guestbook Quilts – for weddings

IMG_0723 IMG_0724

I’ve been getting quite a bit of orders for the guestbook quilts for weddings, and alot of questions along with them.  Not about the quilt itself, but more about how to get people to sign the squares, the how-to’s of it all.

I’ve never been to a wedding where you signed fabric blocks, but I really just love the idea of this quilt (very usable) instead of a guestbook (which will eventually end up in a box/storage).  I would love for any of you who have used a guestbook quilt to share some of your ideas for them.  I have already received a few.


Here are a few ideas:

Have a table set up with a couple of girls manning it to let people know what they are supposed to do.  You want to make sure you have plenty of fabric markers there and even have a few completed squares laying around for example.

Having the table decorated very pretty and near the entrance will help attract more attention and get guests to the table.

quilt guest book
This image courtesy of

I have been searching ETsy for a few signs to go on the table like the one above or on a wall behind a table.

Please Sign Our Guest Quilt - Guest Book- Wedding Sign - Single Sheet (Style: QUILT)

This one is only $9 from here.  I really like the quote above.

Wedding Garland SIGN OUR QUILT Alternative Guest Book Banner Wedding Garland, Burlap & Kraft Banner, Custom Colors Available

I like this one in burlap.  It’s from Lazy Caterpillar.  It’s more of a garland.

Wedding Garland / Sign our Quilt Banner / Alternative Guest Book Banner / Fabric Book / Reception / Wedding Decor / Guestbook Decoration

Here is another garland and this one is from Banner Cheer.

Wedding Quilt Chalkboard Sign - "Please Sign our Wedding Quilt"

I think this one is my favorite.  I really like the idea of a chalkboard and after the wedding you can use it for something else.  This one is from Sarah Says Sew.

Wood Chalkboard  - Distressed White Rustic Blackboard - wedding sign - engagement announce -

One more chalkboard from Madera Nueve.

I you have an ideas, please comment, I’d really like to hear from someone who has done this and if you have pictures and dont mind sharing that’s even better.