Win a Quilt – Photo Contest

On January 28th, Southern Charm Quilts turns 9 years old!! In celebration, we are having a little contest.

Yep, yep, we are giving away a quilt! Have a look…

bold 1

about the prize quilt:

The size of this quilt is a lap quilt. It measures approx. 55″ square.

The fabrics are called “When skies are gray”. They feature umbrellas, raindrops, and other sweet little lovelies.

The colors are palest blue, bright white, gold and black.

I’ve used two different fabrics for the back, a gingham and a turquoise fabric. It blends with the front beautifully.

Then I’ve quilted it with wavy lines both horizontally and vertically.

Then finished off with a black and white scallop print for the binding.

how can you win this quilt:

To enter the photo contest you just need to send a picture of one of my quilts in use or displayed like the pictures below.


I will be selecting my favorite picture from all the entries I receive, the more creative the photo the better. I love to see my quilts in YOUR life. I love to see people in the photos or around landscape or just a beautiful place spread out in a meadow. There is absolutely nothing you can do wrong with your picture so feel free to make it your own.


– any photograph is eligible as long as it features an item handmade by me. So if you have purchased from me before and are willing to take a picture of your item you can enter the photo contest.

– all entries must be received before January 27, midnight. That gives you 10 days to take your picture and send it to me.

– you may enter as many times as you like as long as each entry features a different photo.

– it doesnt matter if it is professionally taken or you take the photo yourself as long as you own all rights to it.

– by entering you are giving me the photo to use in my shop, blog, marketing, etc.

– I’m happy to allow my international customers to enter as well, but the shipping will not be included for the prized quilt and must be paid if the winner is from outside the US.


Please email me at, with your photo as an attachment. Please put in email subject “photo contest’. Please make sure all your contact details are in the body of the email OR tag me on instagram @southerncharmquilts and comment that this is your entry for the photo contest.

On January 28th, I will send out a newsletter announcing the winner. Good luck!

pictures from some of my customers:

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Customer Pictures



Every now and then I get the pleasure of opening up an email from a customer and them including a picture of something I made them being used and loved.  Here are a few of those recent pictures.


happy place by lizzardlatte 1

happy place by lizzardlatte 2


This one above is my Happy Place quilt.  You can find it in my shop here.

hawaiian quilt 2

hawaiian quilt


The two above is a custom quilt.  My sweet customer chose all Hawaiian fabrics (a rare request), but I enjoyed playing with them and mixing them altogether very much.  You can create your own custom patchwork quilt here.

julia bliss teething guard


This one was for a custom teething guard.  It’s available in my shop right here.

mendoza memory quiltAnd this last one is of a memory quilt.  Always a pleasure to see.

If you are interested in a memory quilt made from your children’s clothing, then check out all the info and sizes here.

Thanks for all those who send me pictures.

Very soon I will be announcing a photo contest with the grand prize being a lap size quilt.  Stay tuned!



Embroidered Photo Quilted Sham Cover


I was watching a video on Creative Bug by Annabel Wrigley.  Once I saw the tutorial, I knew I wanted to make one of these adorable embroidered photo pillows, but with my own twist.

I didn’t fall any of the tutorial, instead just used the photo embroidery idea from it.

I had my photo printed on fabric by Spoonflower on the canvas twill fabric.


The picture was supplied by one of my sweetest customers, McKaila, of her daughter Violet.

I turned her photo into this using Photoshop.


I took her photo and cropped it, and then turned it to black and white, turning up the contrast very high.

I then uploaded it to spoonflower, chose their 8×8″ swatch option for $5 on the cotton twill.

Then I embroidered it with lazy daisies and french knots.



I put a little coral bracelet on her arm as well.

After the embroidery, I trimmed the photo down to a perfect 8″ square.  I also cut up an 8×8″ square in white, sewed it and the photo together, right sides together and left a gap for turning.  Then, turn and press the gap closed, but don’t sew it yet.  Just sit it aside.

I chose a pillow size and quilted it, and then sewed the photo square directly to the middle of it.




The pillow is made with an envelope closure.  Once it was completed, I added the pom poms.  There are lots of good tutorials online for those and then stitched them to the corners.

This pillow is available as a custom made item in my shop here.


A Bag for Mom and Customer Pictures

Last summer I finished a custom order for a bed runner.  It was my first one.  A week or so ago that customer sent me these amazing pictures of her gorgeous bedroom.




Pretty incredible bedroom, yes?  And what an eye for style she has.

The bed runner I made was all done in linen.  Something I had never worked with, but LOVED.  And I think it works well in quilts.  I didn’t have any problems with.  It was thick and soft all at the same time.  Also, this was the first project that I used a walking foot on.

FYI:  I do not like using a walking foot for large projects when quilting.

I do have this item in my shop here.

yellow bloom

For Mother’s Day, my mom asked for a handmade bag.  I don’t make many bags, so of course, I groaned internally.

Bags and my mom are the reason I even quilt for a living.  There the reasons I have a shop at all.  I’ll tell you a super quick story.

I asked my husband for a sewing machine for Christmas in 2008.  I wanted to make pillow shams for my sofa and my bed, for my kids rooms, for my porch, you get the idea.  I learned how to make them in 7th grade Home Ec. class and I was certain I still remembered.  I did and the shams got made.


My mom bought me a bag pattern and some fabric so I could make her a bag way back when in 2009.  I did.  Loved it and began making many of them.  They were not good.  In fact, they were pretty awful.

She worked at a florist, my mother, and all her co-workers wanted bags too, so I sold all my horribly awful bags that i would be embarrassed of today.  Mom, still carries around her old ones sometimes, much to my frustration.  She also tells everyone her daughter made it for her which is embarrassing, but sweet.

Embarrassing, because the bag is so bad.

I quit making bags and I started making quilts and then of course, 6 years has passed.  So when she asked for a bag, and I groaned, but then I thought okay.  A little redemption for my bag making and also, she’ll have a new bag to carry around and won’t need to carry around the awful old ones that embarrass me.


And I’ve gotten better.  In 6 years, your sewing skills can improve greatly.  I’m still not a genius at bag making, but I think I can get the job done.

If you are new to sewing, I promise you, if you stay at it you will get better.  It will get easier and hopefully, you will love it as much as I do.


These fabrics are from Katarina Rocellos’ Recollection fabrics.  I am IN LOVE with them.  Maybe more than any other fabric line I’ve ever held in my hands, because you see, all my favorite colors are here.  You got the never ending fave of navy blue, you got your coral (a must), silver which goes with all, and this yummy mustardy yellow.

There is more fabrics in this line than you see in my mom’s bag.  I just used scraps for her bag, so she didn’t get all of them included.

If you are interested in the bag:  I pieced random patchwork until it measured 18.5″ wide and 14.5″ tall.  Easy peasy.

The straps are cotton webbing that I did a decorative stitch down the middle of them.  They measure 30″, so my mom can carry the bag on her shoulder.

I quilted with a walking foot (blah) so I could do some wavy matchstick quilting.  It was a small project so the quilting didn’t bug me since I was using that walking foot.  I don’t like it you see (except when binding).

But I do love the quilting on the bag and the texture was just amazing on it.

Mom loved it!


How to Make Scrappy Binding + A customer picture

The other day, I showed you my new Black Butterfly quilt with it’s scrappy colorful binding.

I used scrappy binding on this particular quilt to give it some pop in its black and white world, but there are many other reasons to use it to, such as when I can’t decide on binding, or I have too many scraps and should try and use them. The latter is my main reason.

So a year or so ago, I took one of Camille Roskelley’s classes on Craftsy, and she showed this roll of scrappy binding she keeps for projects such as this. Every time she binds a quilt and she has a small piece leftover (happens here a lot), she adds it to the roll of scrappy binding. I now do this religiously.

And it’s constantly growing. It grows until it can no longer fit into the lovely little milkglass that it has lain claim to. That’s fine, it will be there when I need it and in the meantime, I don’t have to feel guilty about tossing perfectly good fabric. I continue to roll it up each time there is a new piece of binding, and worry about that later.

So now that you have your roll, what next?

This is how I do it:

I measure all four sides of my quilt and add 10 inches to that. For this quilt, I think I ended up with 302 inches of binding needed. Next, I undone my roll of scrappy binding and chose pieces that I preferred to use. I got out my calculator and started adding them up (I usually add them up minus 1 inch to allow for seam allowances). For example, the yellow pieces is 10 inches, the red/pink was 12 inches and so on and so on until I have a minimum of 302 inches.

Next, you would make binding as you always do, but most of this is already done. I sew my ends together then press just a little and that’s it, scrappy binding!

One tiny note, I usually put the longer pieces of scrappy binding on the ends. If you used a shorter piece, say 10 inches or less, there is a good chance that piece wouldn’t even make it into the quilt once you sew it on your quilt since you usually leave an 8-10 tail on each side of the binding.

I’m happy to answer questions if you have any.

This picture was sent to me by one of my sweet customers, Cari. This is the Notting Hill in poppy quilt that you can find here. Thank you, Cari, SO much for sharing this picture.

Customer Pictures

Sorry for being gone. I’ve been behind on orders and struggling to catch up. There have been no side projects while I try to get orders out, and then of Christmas and New Year’s, oh and a studio move that you might have noticed already. I’ll get a post up with the details very soon.

Meanwhile, I have a new customer picture for you to swoon over.

Pretty gorgeous, huh? And the quilt is lovely too. J

This darling baby girl belongs to a sweet Mommy who sent me this picture. Thanks so much Caitlin! Love looking at your pictures.

The quilt the baby lies on is Brambleberry Ridge which I will be listing hopefully next week to the shop.

Its lavender, brown and gold. Not just any gold, a metallic gold. And I’ll be sure to showcase those details with more pictures for you soon.

In the meantime, Happy New Year! Thank you so much for another great year!

Customer Pictures

I wanted to show off these amazing photos by one of my wonderfully sweet customers Amanda.

Is this not gorgeous?! It’s kinda hard to believe those are memory quilts, made from her girls’ clothing.

Sometimes I make memory quilts and they are not so pretty, it really depends on clothing. But these girls had bright colorful dresses that made for gorgeous quilts.

Thank you so much for sharing these Amanda!!

If you are interested in my memory quilts, you can find them here.

Amanda also has a great blog and you can read all about her renovating a farm house here.

Her daughters’ room is only the tip of the iceberg, the rest of her house is just as gorgeous.

If you have pictures you’d like to share I’d love to see them, always, even if they are not professionally shot. I never tire of looking at my quilts in their new homes. Email me at , send them to me on ETsy, or even tag me on Instagram @southerncharmquilts.

Thanks so much for following along and I hope you have a lovely weekend!