An address change


During the last few days I have migrated my site from this domain to a new one here.

Everything will be exactly the same except the address.

If you are following me here, I would love it if you would come follow me there.

Big Hugs!

xo, Melanie


Guest book quilt SALE


All of the guest book quilts in my shop are on sale 10 % off now through Wednesday of this week!!  No coupon needed.

However, the whole shop has a sale for 15% off, coupon code “happybirthday9”.  That means that on guest book quilts you can save 25% just by purchasing before Wednesday.

25% off!!

Shop guest book quilts here.

Additional items you might want to have at your wedding if you buy a guest book quilt (click pictures to view details):


The photo contest continues, and you have until January 27th to send me a picture. I choose a winner on January 28th.  Winner gets a quilt!  See the details here.




This time of year I always feel just run ragged.  My to-do lists become un-doable.  Decorating, planning, gift shopping, and then all the regular chores that need to be completed are often just too much.  And I fall behind.

I have been working very hard on getting all my Christmas orders out of my shop.

Everyone that requested a Christmas delivery was given top priority.

Here is one below:

This was from a local and it was her grandmother’s quilt.  She wanted it to be finished for her daughter.  I ADORE it.  All that scrappy fabrics and colors, plus I love how the red borders are not even or symmetrical.

I gave it to the lady yesterday and she seemed pleased.  I know it’s not mine, but it was still hard to part with.

Bottom row, fourth block, that green floral – to DIE for!  I want modern fabric just like that.  Also, bottom row, first block, the turquoise floral.  Be still my heart.  Where can I found you.  I want them for quilting backings and more.

If you might have a quilt made with love by a relative that was left unfinished, visit my shop here to look into me finishing them for you.

These fabrics!  Wovens!  They make the most scrumptious quilt!

I wish I had gotten to make a more difficult quilt, but this was a custom request for simple patchwork.  It’s really hard to choose a favorite.  Maybe this one, or this one.  This one has a hand quilted look to it that is amazing.

I’ll probably be end up buying some more.

This was a very popular item in my shop this season.

I’m probably going to do a tutorial on them soon.

But if you are in the market, I have them listed in the shop here.  You supply this shirt and I do the rest.  I did several lately that was for Moms, made with nightgowns, sweatshirts, etc.

Peachy boy has been finding all sorts of places to fit himself into.  This is a new hobby he’s picked up.  He enjoyed the Christmas decoration boxes sitting around for a bit very much.

The other lovely I’ve been making quite a bit of is the memory quilts.  They are a popular gift every year.  See the details of purchasing them here.

and decorating for Christmas.  This has kept me incredibly busy.

We went with a faux tree this year.  For the past five years, I have had real trees, but I’m paranoid about them, so instead of doing my usual worrying since our wood burning fire place is just right there, I decided to go out and purchase this small one.  It ended up smaller than I would have thought, but since I have a very cramped living room, it works.

the paris bucket is from hobby lobby.

As I decorated this year, I realized that half of my Christmas decorations are my mom’s old cast offs.  She had everything in a pile to be donated years ago, and since it was things from my childhood that I remembered fondly, I whined until she gave them to me.  🙂

I usually try to buy one new thing each year for Christmas decor, just a little rule to keep myself in check, but also I like to keep things fresh.

I purchased these two gingerbread houses.  They are from Hobby Lobby and were half off.

I bought a bag of the tiny wreaths for $2.99 there as well and hot glued them onto the church and house.  The trees were part of a pack as well of maybe 10 different size trees that I got there as well.

Okay, that’s more than one thing, BUT it’s all part of a set together, so that counts as one right?

I also went to pinterest and searched free christmas printables.  I printed off about 4 different prints on white card stock paper and then framed them with frames I already had around the house.

Shows I have been watching while working since my last lately post:

Westworld – I am really into this show.  It comes on Sunday nights, but I usually watch it on demand at work on Mondays.  It’s about robots coming to life, but its set during the wild west (in a game).  It’s complicated, but you’d understand if you watched.  I think it’s HBO.

Outlander – I’m almost done with season 2.  I don’t plan on reading anymore of these books and I know that season 3 is due out in the upcoming future, so I wanted to be up to date for that.  I did not enjoy season 2 as much as season 1.  It’s just quite a bit to take in.  However, I do love the Scotland scenes, the accents, and all the history that is in this show.  It’s worth watching.  I watch it On Demand, the Starz channel.

Gilmore Girls – So I gave this a try again (I also tried in the 90’s).  It seems to have some very loyal fans.  But I gave it up during season 2.  Maybe I’ll try again later.  Watched on Netflix.

The Office – So for the fourth time in probably 4 years, I watched this show beginning to end and it still is my most favorite tv show ever.  I laugh so much.  And it’s something I can watch while I work, but not pay too much attention to. Watched on Netflix.

Also have still been watching The Walking Dead – but I’m no going to discuss that.

I will leave you with this picture of my cat.  I am in the middle of piecing a quilt now, and he climbs on top of my machine and proceeds to fall asleep.  What the heck, cat?



Navy blue wobbly quilt

As I’ve worked on my sky quilt, I’ve been using all scraps.  Trying to stay away from any of my yardage, and I have.  Mostly.

Cobalt (the color of the sky most of the time), is not a color that my blue stash basket is full of.  Navy however is.

My blue basket of scraps is FULL of navy.  And I got a little tired of constantly moving them aside.  Especially when they were all so pretty.

There was many of them and they were in my way during the hunt for cobalt.  So I pulled all the feminine girliest ones and started a new wobbly quilt.

Navy blue is my favorite of colors.  I have more of it than any other color in my stash and yardage AND I wear it all the time.

I’ve been wanting to make this quilt again (see the very last wobbly quilt I made here), and I wanted to make it using only one color.  And so it was perfect for the navy blue scraps.

This quilt busts scraps out the wazoo, so if you are like me and have an overwhelming scrap basket, you can find my pattern here.

It is easy to cut, and it is incredibly easy to chain piece.  Plus as you can see, I also got to use up just as many low volume scraps, which is my only scrap basket fuller than the blues.

It was full of little surprises.  Like the bunny.

or the butterfly.

and many more.

I bound it with a navy floral print.  This is probably my favorite scrap quilt to make.  I should probably make more.  My green stash is also out of control.

This quilt has already been sold, but if you are interested in having one made with colors of your choosing, have a look here in my shop for more details.  I’d be more than happy to make you one.


What have I been up to lately?

Pretty much the same as usual.  Quilt making and quite a bunch of it.

I lost that cluttered small book shelf that held my fabric scraps in smaller baskets and reorganized them into large baskets that were being used for something else and then lined them up on the bottom of this big shelf in my studio.

Doesn’t that look neater?  Now they are not all hanging out in disarray.

They are still based on color.  At the top of this same shelf I have smaller containers with lids that house 2″- 6″ blocks and other bits similar to that that I use constantly.  All is labeled for me to just grab what I need.

In place of that bookshelf I now have a large basket that holds some finished quilts and some vintage quilt tops that will soon be finished.

I recently made the staple dress.  It was an easy make.  Might have taken me 2-3 hours and that included cutting out the pattern pieces.  It’s pretty cute on as well, but the next time I will use something other than quilting cotton, maybe voile.

I then set up a whole pinterest board of fabrics I want to use and patterns I want to use them on.

It’s fall here, but the highs are still in the high 80’s most days.  Still a nice reprieve from the summer temperatures.

I’ve got several projects I’m working on right now.  Some I’ve discussed and some I will be discussing soon.

  • the sky quilt
  • I’m crocheting my grandmother a shawl for Christmas
  • still working on the trippy quilt, just incredibly slowly
  • I also joined a traveling quilt group (2nd time) and getting to know some knew ladies and come up with ideas for a themed quilt for myself. #wanderingquilt
  • I was recently gifted a quilt from my great grandmother that needs finishing (more on this soon)

Outside sewing and quilting I have been watching movies and shows while I work.  A few good ones that I’ve enjoyed recently are:  Game of Thrones (on xfinity), Mercy Street, Poldark and Justified (all on Amazon).  I watched the newest season of The Fall on Netflix.

I’ve been listening to the same podcasts as usual, but two sewing/quilting podcasts that I enjoy very much are Modern Sewciety and The Crafty Planner.

I usually watch TV as I’m piecing and then listen to podcasts when I’m quilting.

When I’m cutting fabric or cleaning or anything else I usually listen to music.  It’s almost always the Spotify app and lately I’ve been enjoying a playlist called Wild + Free.  It’s great.

If you have any recommendations for me, please leave a comment below.

Until next time….

A new orange peel

I’ve made orange peel quilts at least a dozen times.

I do it the very easy way of raw edge appliqueing.

I take a fat quarter of fabric, back it with a light interfacing and then proceed to hand cut my orange peels out with a template of my own.  I usually fold the fat quarter in a way where I am cutting at least 8 orange peels at a time.

When you are cutting 324 peels, doing that will save you quite a bit of time.

I’ve not mastered sewing curves or hand appliqueing, so raw edge is the only way for me for the time being.

And here it is being basted.

I cut my background blocks 6.5″ and then sit there with Netflix on and zig zag each peel onto the square.  It’s a long process.  Usually takes  a full days work.

By using the very light/sheer interfacing, I can quilt over the extra fabric without any ordeal.  I’m not a fan of having to quilt around the peels (that is a headache on a regular sewing machine).

And until I’m able to get a long arm (some day!), these huge quilts have to be done on my regular sewing machine, so I’m concentrating more on needing it to be completed than I am on a pretty design.  A simple meander does just fine.  I have no stress, a nice quilt, and only a little neck ache from the hours spent quilting it.

This one is a king size, 108″ square so that is quite a bit of pulling and tugging for my sewing machine and my arms, but it can be done.

and voila!

For the peels I bought about twelve different fabrics in mint, teal and dark pinks and then added some scraps so that it will feature more fabrics and I used lots of greens and some lavenders as well.

The background is almost all low volume prints in creams.  There are a few that are white, but with the majority being creams, it looks a little more creamy than clean white.

Most of the low volumes are quite, but there are also a few loud ones in there for something to look at.  I like the brown dots, they are one of my favorites.

for the back, I sandwiched this aqua tile from Joel Dewberry in between a maroon solid from Free spirit.

I’ve been thinking a bit about the way I back my quilts and almost ALWAYS do multiple fabrics on them, but I don’t like the multiple fabrics to be running down the quilt.  I like them to be running across it.

This way if I have the quilt laying on the top of my bed, and I turn it down, you only see one of the fabrics.  It’s just a preference.

If you are interested in purchasing an orange peel quilt from me, see this page here.

xo, Melanie

Plus quilt

I never made a post about this quilt. So here I am. 

This was a custom order from a dear customer whom I love working with. She gives me an outline and leaves me to do my own thing. ❤️

The outline was a bedroom decorated in red, blues, greens and a vintage airplane theme. 

Most of the fabrics in this quilt were Tim holtz. I’ve only used his fabrics once before on this quilt, but I LOVE them. 

On this quilt I used many fabrics from his correspondence line, but have a look at many of his great fabrics here. 

This quilt consists of vintage planes, old maps, architectural designs, stripes and lots more. 

I love how the fabrics are all muted and dusty colored. 

This is only the second time I made this quilt called ‘positively’. Here was the first

I started with an 11″ block. And used the slash and sew method with 3-4.5″ strips to make the pluses. This really makes it easy for all your blocks to look a little differently. I then trimmed down each block to 12.5″. 

If you are interested in my Positively quilt you can find more info about it here