Win a Quilt – Photo Contest

On January 28th, Southern Charm Quilts turns 9 years old!! In celebration, we are having a little contest.

Yep, yep, we are giving away a quilt! Have a look…

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about the prize quilt:

The size of this quilt is a lap quilt. It measures approx. 55″ square.

The fabrics are called “When skies are gray”. They feature umbrellas, raindrops, and other sweet little lovelies.

The colors are palest blue, bright white, gold and black.

I’ve used two different fabrics for the back, a gingham and a turquoise fabric. It blends with the front beautifully.

Then I’ve quilted it with wavy lines both horizontally and vertically.

Then finished off with a black and white scallop print for the binding.

how can you win this quilt:

To enter the photo contest you just need to send a picture of one of my quilts in use or displayed like the pictures below.


I will be selecting my favorite picture from all the entries I receive, the more creative the photo the better. I love to see my quilts in YOUR life. I love to see people in the photos or around landscape or just a beautiful place spread out in a meadow. There is absolutely nothing you can do wrong with your picture so feel free to make it your own.


– any photograph is eligible as long as it features an item handmade by me. So if you have purchased from me before and are willing to take a picture of your item you can enter the photo contest.

– all entries must be received before January 27, midnight. That gives you 10 days to take your picture and send it to me.

– you may enter as many times as you like as long as each entry features a different photo.

– it doesnt matter if it is professionally taken or you take the photo yourself as long as you own all rights to it.

– by entering you are giving me the photo to use in my shop, blog, marketing, etc.

– I’m happy to allow my international customers to enter as well, but the shipping will not be included for the prized quilt and must be paid if the winner is from outside the US.


Please email me at, with your photo as an attachment. Please put in email subject “photo contest’. Please make sure all your contact details are in the body of the email OR tag me on instagram @southerncharmquilts and comment that this is your entry for the photo contest.

On January 28th, I will send out a newsletter announcing the winner. Good luck!

pictures from some of my customers:

15% off

Since we are turning 9 years old this month, I thought we’d finish off the month with a sale. Take 15% off all purchases for the remainder of January. Use code ‘happybirthday9’ at checkout on any purchases from today through January 31.

SHOP NOW.giveaway-quilt


Memory quilt S A L E

I am so excited to announce this sale!!

I consider memory quilts to be the single coolest thing in my shop.  What better way to keep your child or loved one’s clothing?  What good is it doing stored in a box in a closet or your attic?

I have had so many of my customers tell me about spending time with their child by going over each square in the quilt and talking about what that outfit was, where they wore it to, how old they were.

What other way can you spend quality time, reminisce the past, clear out some free space in your house, and snuggle up under all at once?  I can’t think of anything else!  🙂

Now let’s spend the next few minutes gazing at cuties and their quilts.

Just the sweetest eye candy!

Visit all my memory quilts here.

If you have a picture of your cutie to share, please email me anytime!

Irish chain quilt reveal

I don’t want to send this quilt away. I keep letting it and picturing it on my own bed. 

I wish I made more quilts for selfish reasons. However, the mortgage demands payment and the kids need feeding so I must sale them. 

And let’s be honest, how many quilts does one girl need. 

And hopefully this quilt will make someone happy. 

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this, but my momma bought me my first sewing pattern. It was for a patchwork tote. After making it, I used the pattern and adopted it for a quilt (I was very untrained and ignorant in those days).

I started going shopping for fabric and used any extra money I could come up with. 

One day I was at my mom’s work and was showing her a bunch of bags I had made and several of the ladies offered to buy them and a few requested customized bags. 

From then on, this is how I paid for my hobby. 

The quilt obsession came soon after for me and then the discovery of Etsy. I listed a few things and sold something here and there, until I quit my job and started making quilts all day just to keep up. 

The reason for the name of my shop: Southern Charm Quilts …. I’d just finished reading Gone With The Wind.  😊 

This quilt can be found in my shop here. It can be made completely customizable to suit your tastes. 

💜, Melanie 


A salty nine patch initial quilt

This might be the third time, I think, that I’ve made this quilt. And it’s the second time that I had made a quilt for this sweet customer. 

There was somewhat of a color palette of blue, pink and purple and then black and white, but it was meant to be a little scrappy too. The main focus being on the fabrics.   They needed to be salty, not sweet. A maniac badass kid, not a girly girl. Those were the instructions. 

Finding fabric that reflects that, not so easy. Poo fabric was requested, and would you believe that I actually found poo fabric

Dogs were also requested, that request much easier. 

This is such a simple quilt, but I love the effect of the 9-patches together. 

And for the back, I thought these haughty totty chic ladies would do the part from art gallery fabrics, Francis Newcombe. 

I also binded it in one of her dot fabrics as well. 

This was a fun make and very low stress involved in it. 

To make your own 9-patch blocks, I cut strips 4.5″ x width of fabric. And then subcut each strip into (9) 4.5″blocks. I use two strips to make 2 blocks, alternating the fabrics. 

This salty quilt is off to its new home now, but if you are interested in having me make you a similar quilt, you can read all about the process here. 

💜, melanie

Works of Late and Buying Fabric Collection by the Bolt

Lately, I have been beyond busy. I am working constantly on orders, no time for much else, and I’m still behind on them. I had a bit of a sales hike in July/August and so that is why the delay. I wanted to thank everyone who is waiting on an order for their patience.

These 3 quilts shipped out last week.

This one is my Honey Honey quilt, shown here in crib size. I’m pretty crazy about this collection and now almost have all the bolts to it. Sometimes I will buy just a few bolts at a time until I have all of them in that collection. I think I’ve combined about 8-10 different prints here. Each time I sell this quilt, I buy a few more bolts. I usually only do this when the fabrics are not on sale. When fabric manufacturers do have sales, I’ll snatch up a whole collection at a time before it runs out. Budgeting is a necessity for me. I love fabric so much that if I didn’t try to budget I’d just be buying buying buying all the time.

I did a meandering loopy quilt design on this one.

This is my Big Sunset Quilt, crib size. This is such an easy quilt. The only semi tedious part would be the sun, but even that part is easy.

I did the curls quilting design on this one.

Don’t you just love a big stack of quilts?

Back to buying bolts…..

How do I decide which fabric collections I’m going to buy? Most of the time I will buy something I like, but a lot of the time I’m just buying a collection b/c my customers keep purchasing the same quilt over and over and it makes more sense and saves me money if I just buy straight from the manufacturer instead of buying from fabric shops.

Fabric shops charge anywhere from $9-10 a yard, whereas the manufacturer sell them to you for around $5.25 a yard depending on which one you are buying from. The only difference is you usually have to buy 10-15 yards. Yeah, so the bolts are quite a big expense. There is also a minimum amount purchase that comes into play.

If I’m just purchasing a collection to put in my shop, I usually have to like it, but I also try to have a variety. I tend to lean towards aquas and greens and peaches as my favorite colors, but I wouldn’t want ONLY fabric collections with those colors, so I try to make sure I’ve got some of everything. If I had a red and turquoise collection, I wouldn’t want to buy a different collection with those same colors. I need variety to appeal to more potential customers.

I have purchased collections that didn’t sell and years later I’ve still got TOO much of those fabrics. Sometimes it’s a bit of a gamble. Now I am just much more pickier about what I buy.

I do get on runs of the same designer. When I first started Amy Butler was my fave and I had everything she came out with, then Joel Dewberry, now I’m loving Bonnie Christine, but I’m trying to limit myself to 1-2 per designer, so that everything is not the same style.

I used to just buy the collections the way they came using all the prints the designer made to go together. When I first started making and selling my quilts on Etsy, there wasn’t anyone else doing what I did. So I could have a quilt in a collection and it be the only one out there. Now there are more and more quilt shops using all the same fabrics, so I try to take a fabric collection, leave some fabrics out of it and add fabrics from a different collection to it, making it my own, making sure nobody else can make the same thing and making my shop stand out a little differently.

I still have a few fabric collections there are all of the same designer, but I’m slowly getting away from that.

I also buy a lot of basics, which are just a simple prints like polka dots or stripes. You might have noticed them in my shop more and more. I buy almost all of these from Riley Blake fabrics. I love how easy their website is to use and navigate. These are great to add into a fabric collection to make it your own.

I will talk more about buying fabrics by the bolt and about each of the fabric manufacturers in another post.

Thanks so much for reading this uber long post!

Some Custom Work and a New Crib Set

Hello, friends!

If you follow along with me on Instagram then you probably already saw a picture of this quilt.

I have been working on it off and on for about a week now. It is a custom order from my etsy shop inspired by this quilt.

My first go round making the Bloom quilt I found the dresdens to be a bit tedious.

With this version I broke it up into several days. On the first day I cut all my blades for the flowers. On another day, I laid them out and stacked them up. They get 20 blades per bloom and I had seven blooms. On the next day, I chain pieced all the blades together. Days after that was spent, putting on the flower face, and then of course the rest of the quilt.

The flower face I did a bit different this time too. I used interfacing and stitched it on right sides together and then turned the face inside out. So they have no raw edges. Yay! I am not a fan of applique, but even I can enjoy making this.

I quilted the quilt without the Dresden plates on it. I used my walking foot and just made diagonal lines. I’ve been doing a lot of quilting lately and really playing with designs, but I have to admit that I don’t like using the walking foot. It’s great for binding. Saves me so much time on binding and I can’t imagine going back to not using it for that step, but on the quilting. It’s very boring. And very TIMECONSUMING.

After the quilt was quilted, I went back and put the blooms on it and quilted them down.

There was also a name and bible scripture added to it. The lady that purchased the quilt had the letters sent to me and I just stitched them down.

If you are interested in a Bloom quilt for yourself you can find it here.

This was another custom order that I just finished up. It’s my Follow Your Arrow quilt, but in happy little girly colors. I LOVE the black polka dot binding.

I’ve told you how much I have been enjoying learning to free motion quilt. Well, I just can’t say enough about it. I did curls on this quilt and I think it’s my favorite that I’ve tried so far. This quilt came out of the wash just about perfect. It was in the perfect state of crinkleness, soft and if it had been bigger I might have just wrapped it around me and snuggled for a bit.

I think the quilts look so much better with this level of quilting than before.

It was actually part of a nursery set that is now listed in my shop.

Find all of it here.

Thanks so much for reading and have a lovely day!

InstaWall Quilt Reveal + 2 Ready To Ship Quilts + Quilt Labels + Order Progress

Prepare yourself for too many pictures.

My two InstaWall mini quilts are done. Woo hoo! Finally. I feel like a drug a little on these, but I think I just kept getting busy with orders.

I think I’ve discussed these quilts for the most part, but just in case you have not been following along until now….

InstaWall Quilt is made with pictures from your Instagram feed. Like an Instagram wall, but on a quilt.

I have them in two sizes. The mini quilt holds 9 pictures, and I have a throw size that holds 36 pictures.

The mini is made to be displayed on a wall, like a piece of art. Pushpins will hold it in place, you can see that in the picture below. I’ve just used a simple pushpin at the corners.

I’ve done quilting around the pictures, but not on top of them, just some whimsy curvy lines.

Both of these two quilts were made for product testers to test out the process of purchasing this quilt.

I made them both with random fabrics from my stash. I have them listed in the shop completely customizable though.

You’ll notice that the pictures are on a bit of a tilt (that’s my favorite part). First time I’ve ever tilted anything. It was super easy and I will probably do a tutorial on it soon.

Both sizes of InstaWall quilts are available here in my shop. I’ve also detailed the process of ordering them there too.

I’m so glad to get this one listed and available to purchase. Hopefully, in time for Christmas orders.

Both of these crib sized rag quilts were listed yesterday in the shop. Both came from THE basket (I pulled out 90 7″ squares and it still looks like I haven’t even touched it).

I just used mostly random for the girl quilt. The boy quilt is made up with mostly an older line from Denise Schmidt. A fabric line I loved, but now can’t find. I can’t remember the name of it either.

Both of them are listed in my etsy shop under ‘ready to ship’ items.

I’ve listed quilt labels in Fabric Bird, customizable. You will find them available here.


The following orders were completed and shipped out. Done. : Meghan M, Lisa T, John B, Tamara A, and Melissa M.

Lindsay D: Your crib quilt was completed. I will probably start on the other nursery pieces today.

Pamela R: Your quilt blocks were quilted and unpinned.

Shelley F: backing and batting was cut for your order. It was then pinned, quilted, and unpinned.

Danette H: backing and batting was cut for your quilt. It has been pinned.