Win a Quilt – Photo Contest

On January 28th, Southern Charm Quilts turns 9 years old!! In celebration, we are having a little contest.

Yep, yep, we are giving away a quilt! Have a look…

bold 1

about the prize quilt:

The size of this quilt is a lap quilt. It measures approx. 55″ square.

The fabrics are called “When skies are gray”. They feature umbrellas, raindrops, and other sweet little lovelies.

The colors are palest blue, bright white, gold and black.

I’ve used two different fabrics for the back, a gingham and a turquoise fabric. It blends with the front beautifully.

Then I’ve quilted it with wavy lines both horizontally and vertically.

Then finished off with a black and white scallop print for the binding.

how can you win this quilt:

To enter the photo contest you just need to send a picture of one of my quilts in use or displayed like the pictures below.


I will be selecting my favorite picture from all the entries I receive, the more creative the photo the better. I love to see my quilts in YOUR life. I love to see people in the photos or around landscape or just a beautiful place spread out in a meadow. There is absolutely nothing you can do wrong with your picture so feel free to make it your own.


– any photograph is eligible as long as it features an item handmade by me. So if you have purchased from me before and are willing to take a picture of your item you can enter the photo contest.

– all entries must be received before January 27, midnight. That gives you 10 days to take your picture and send it to me.

– you may enter as many times as you like as long as each entry features a different photo.

– it doesnt matter if it is professionally taken or you take the photo yourself as long as you own all rights to it.

– by entering you are giving me the photo to use in my shop, blog, marketing, etc.

– I’m happy to allow my international customers to enter as well, but the shipping will not be included for the prized quilt and must be paid if the winner is from outside the US.


Please email me at, with your photo as an attachment. Please put in email subject “photo contest’. Please make sure all your contact details are in the body of the email OR tag me on instagram @southerncharmquilts and comment that this is your entry for the photo contest.

On January 28th, I will send out a newsletter announcing the winner. Good luck!

pictures from some of my customers:

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Sky quilt

I’m still working on this sky quilt.  A single block every day, or here lately, when I’m out of town or something comes up I take my daily sky picture, log the details about the weather and then make a few blocks a few days later.

It’s been harder than I imagined to keep up doing just a single block a day.  Keeping up the cobalt blue (mostly) stash has also been a bit of chore.

I’ve had several friends swap scraps with me so that I can have more cobalts, but nothing seems to be enough.  This quilt is constantly needing more.

I’ve used almost all scraps to do these blocks.  Thankful to have something to use them for.  They constantly pile up and then I have to find a whole quilt to use them in. It’s a never ending circle.  Though, it does feel nice to use them when I do.

and here they all are together…

I’ve actually got a many more done than this picture shows (I took this a week or so ago).

And if you remember from previous posts, I take a picture of the sky and make my block based on what it looks like for that day.  There have not been too many gray or white days.  It’s almost constantly blue around these parts.

My sewing machine faces all the blocks on the wall so that I am constantly staring at them (which is great for not getting sidetracked on other quilt projects, keeps up the inspiration), and I am always trying to decide my favorite block.  And that is impossible, because the blocks are all so great in their own way.

My plan is to lay the blocks out 10 rows by 10 with 2.5″ sashing and then a border around the whole thing.  Pretty standard stuff.  But it will showcase all the blocks nicely.

It should end up being a square queen size quilt.

I’m excited to be finished.

This Honey Butter is FINISHED!

I went for a walk last week and found a nice little place to take pictures.  Much better than my own backyard, I think.  And something different at least. 

For some reason I was in slow motion with this quilt. But I didn’t mind so much, I just loved looking at the fussy cuts.  And the colors. 

Quilting texture = a happy me

I backed this one with a very colorful print from Art Gallery Fabrics (an old one). 

My customer had mentioned that they wanted black and whites in this quilt and I got a little worried that I didn’t use enough of the so I binded it in black and white (a jeni baker fabric). 

It does have many black and whites, just not only, like my other one

Im certain I like it this way better. Plus, my low volume stash has grown to great levels and they need to go somewhere. 

If you’d like to make this quilt, find my pattern here. If you want one for yourself, see here. 

Hope your Monday is lovely!

💜, melanie

Initial Nine Patch Quilt

initial nine patch quilt

I know that this is an extremely simple quilt.  Not much thought went into the design and even a beginner quilter could accomplish this, but it is definitely in my all time favorite quilts I’ve completed.

I made this for my 10 year old nephew and gifted it to him yesterday at this party.


I did not choose my best fabrics for it.  I wish I could tell you I did, but really I chose fabrics that had been sitting in my suitcase stash for years, fabrics I never used because I either did not like them or couldn’t find a use for.

You know that I make many many custom quilts and I let my customers choose their own fabrics.  Many times fabrics get chosen that I would NEVER choose.  This is okay, we all have different tastes, but every time I end up with scraps from almost every project and after a while they start to pile up.

Most of these fabrics I would consider unusable, not all.  Some of them have a color I don’t use often or a design I can’t find a use for or I simply don’t like them.

Still, I’ve saved them.  And they have sat, waiting for a purpose.


I wanted this quilt to be funky, in boyish colors, and have a kind of hodge podge feel to it.  Mixey Matchy.  Over the top scrappy.  The more different the fabrics the better.

I don’t normally put nine patches together this way, it takes longer, but since this quilt was to be scrappy, it was a must.

The colors were:  navy, aqua, orange, green and gray, and some light blue, cream and white.


After I chose and cut the fabrics, I had a moment of panic.  It did not look good, but by the time I got the blocks made, I knew all would be okay.

Do you do this?  Second guess yourself to death like me?  Hate a project and then love it?

For the letter block, I used Moda’s alphabet tutorial and then I just added some to the sides of the block until it measures 9.5″.    The alphabet blocks are listed on a multitude of sights and you have to go to each blog for a different letter.  It’s a bit of a pain since it doesn’t tell you which blog has which letter, but the tutorials themselves are very good and easy.


So I thought I’d do a quick tutorial if you want to make a similar quilt.

The quilt measures approx. 62″ square.  It holds 48 nine patch blocks that measure 9,5″ and one letter block.  For the letter block tutorial, you must go to the Moda site.

For the nine patches, you will need (24) 3.5″ x WOF strips.

Subcut your strips into 3.5″ blocks.  You should get 9 blocks per strip.  Each strip will make 2 of your nine patch blocks.

I used a 1/4 inch seam allowance.  I pressed all seams open for the blocks.

Once all your blocks are made, lay out your blocks in rows of 7×7.  Remember that you have 48 blocks and one initial block.  You can put the initial block anywhere you choose.

Stitch your rows together first and press your seams alternating per row.

Your quilt top should measure around 62″ square.

I cut my backing and batting each 70 inches square.  Baste and quilt as preferred.

You need a half yard for binding.  Cut 7 strips of 2.5 inches to make your binding.


If you have any questions, please let me know.


I quilted with my usual meandering stitch.


Isn’t it awesome how all those barely usable fabrics came together for such a great quilt?


And it just feels so boyish!

initial nine patch quilt


If you would like me to make you an Initial Nine Patch in colors of your choosing and with you own initial (or somebody’s that you love) please see here for details.

Thanks for reading!!


Redemption for Wobbly Quilt

Do you remember Wobbly quilt?

I was so disappointed in it.  It was more work than most of my quilts and then because of my choices on background fabrics, it just kinda went, “flop.”  This happens.

This past January, I received an email for someone wanting a custom Wobbly quilt and I just smiled.  Finally, I could give that quilt a bit of redemption.

My customer wanted a funky quilt and she wanted the background to be black and white prints.

I could not have been more thrilled.  It’s so nice to make a quilt that you really, really want to make.


She wanted it in the some of my Amy Butler fabrics, but most of it came from my stash (the ones I added in) and I used some of my best stuff.

IMG_0778 IMG_0784

I had been collecting black and white low volume fabrics for a while now.  Keeping them stacked up on a shelf while staring at them, occasionally take them out just to drool over them.

This quilt took all of them.  Every last bit of fabric I have in black and white low volume went into this quilt.




I simplified the pattern a little bit, making it easier to piece.  I also quilted with FMQ instead of the wavy lines like I did the last Wobbly quilt.




Do you agree that this one is much better this time around?


I must be honest…  I pictured this one on my bed, even the hubs liked it and he usually thinks my quilts are too busy.


It’s on it’s way to Missouri now and will hopefully bring warmth to someone who will love it as much as I do.


Do you see the black and white gems?  Those mustaches, the script fabrics, fleur de lis, stitchy lines, and more text fabrics!  Oh and the scissor print!  Ugh!  I have to keep repeating myself that fabrics are meant to be used not stared at on a shelf.  I’ll just have to start collecting them again.


So let me tell you about the back of the quilt.  I feel like it went in the funky direction just as the top did.  My customer didnt give me any thoughts on backing, it was left up to me (which I LOVE and prefer).  Especially on a quilt with this many pieces, by the time you get the top done, you just want to be done and not have to go piecing the back of it.  I am not a fan of piecing together fabrics for the back of the quilt.  It looks great and all, but I’m tired of it already.  Ya, know?

So I decided on the hand dyed yellow which I rarely use and had a big huge stack of.

There were two different pieces and I stitched them together assuming they were the same size.  WRONG!  I was 20″ off, so I cut a block that would fill the gap, did a Y seam and fit it in.

It might have been a mistake, but I really like the back of this quilt and it has a cute little story to go with it.


And what is a scrappy quilt without scrappy binding?

If you would like a Wobbly quilt of your own, please see here.

Thanks for reading this crazy long post!


Whip a Wheel Quilt

whip a wheel quilt

Another finished scrappy quilt.

Have I told you how much I love scrap quilts?  I like rummaging for the fabrics in my stash, finding the ‘perfect’ ones.  I think most quilters will say choosing fabrics is one of their favorite parts and I will say the same.

I like that my scraps are getting used.  Slowly.  But still, I’m not tossing them.  I keep them.  I pet them.  I stare at them.  And finally find a way to find them a home.

Inspiration for quilt here.

DSCN0746 DSCN0743

Another reason I like scrap quilts is that I don’t stress so much about the color palette.  Sometimes there is even a lack of rules.  They just usually come out wonderful without all the fuss.

My only “rule” for this quilt was, “does it look pretty with the pink background.”  If it did, I used it.

The pink is from Riley Blake.

This is a lap quilt and it measures just over 60″ square.  I like square quilts.  They look great on the back of sofas.

It’s quilted with a tight meander pattern.

There are 392 pieces in this quilt top.

The backing is a dark pink floral.


It has a scrappy binding as well.  Just to keep it going on it’s scrap theme and to continue not wasting.



Delicious colors and fabrics were used for this quilt.  Colors include purple, teal, aqua, lavender, gray, and bits of other colors as well.


Pattern to come soon.


This quilt is for sale in my shop here.

You can also customize your own quilt just like this one in your fave colors and size here.


Also finished this week are these lovelies.


DSCN0739 DSCN0738


In efforts to clear some of my larger stash I have made up several ‘strippy quilts’.  Very simple quilt tops that just show off fabrics instead of being a complicated quilt.  I’ve backed them with a very plush backing in tan and quilted them with a tight meander pattern.  Find this quilt here.







You’ve seen me use the Rapture fabrics before, but I haven’t made them in a patchwork quilt yet.  This quilt was for a custom order, but I have listed it in my shop here, as a made to order quilt.

I just adore these fabrics by Pat Bravo.  They are just candy coated loveliness.






Whenever I make a smaller custom quilt, like throws, crib quilts or even a twin, I have to make something smaller to go with it.

If I don’t my washing machine gets angry and off kilter.  When I have smaller orders close by, I just make those a little early and wash with the quilt I finished.  If not, I grab some scrap blocks and whip up a quick quilt.  This is where almost all my ready to ship rag quilts come from.

This is an old Art Gallery FAbric collection called Cosette (I think).  One of my all time faves.

This is a small baby quilt measuring 35×35 inches.  It is for sale here.

If you made it to the end of this uber long post, thanks!


The Name Plate

There are a few things I wanted to show in this post.

– a new guest book quilt with a big old name plate in the middle (because everyone keeps asking after one)

– a tiny extra rag quilt

– the whip a wheel quilt (beginnings)



Hopefully, you are seeing the big block in the middle.  I wish I had taken a close up of it.  I think there are some on my instagram pre-quilted if you’d like a better view.



I’ve been covering up my quilts lately with very dense quilting, making it much more crinkly.



Find out all the details about the Name Plate Guest Book Quilt here.  Or see my other options for a guest book quilt here.

unnamed (2)



I whipped this up between orders this week.  It’s small measuring 35×35 inches and is currently in the shop ready to ship here.


These are some of Amy Butler’s Love in Soul fabrics that I found stashed away.  I’m trying to work through my stash best I can and use things up.






I’ve made about a dozen patterns on EQ7 in the past several months.  I seem to be making patterns, but can’t find the time to get the quilting done.  So I’m trying to catch up now.  This is a very simple pattern called Whip a Wheel.  I have too many strips in my stash and I’m trying to work through them.

unnamed (1)

More to come on this quilt soon.