Migration quilt

The  Migration quilt was my last quilt of 2016.

It was also a quilt I first made back in 2014, before I even had started free motion quilting.

Here is the original quilt:

and here is the block:

You can see that I turned it a different way from he original.  Same difference though.

This is a super easy quilt and made exactly the same way as those two scrapbuster quilts I made a few weeks ago.

The only difference is that in those two quilts the corner blocks were the same size 2″.  In the Migration quilt, the corner blocks are different sizes ranging from 2-4″

and altogether.  The look kinda like a hundred butterflies.

This is another great quilt for using up your scraps.  However, this particular quilt was for one of my quilt buyers.  She sent in her own fabrics, Fig Tree fabrics, and wanted everything on a solid white background.  The back of the quilt is white as well and so is the binding.  Please stay clean!

This one differs from the original migration quilt in another way by it having free motion quilting instead of the straight line quilting I was doing back in 2014.

Do you see my little heater pulled up close to my chair?  Thats because I’m in a basement and freezing to death.  I can’t get warm down here.  I live in Alabama and I like hot summers.  This 25 degree business needs to go back where it came from. 🙂

I really like this quilt.  It’s so fresh and clean looking.  I’ve gotten FAR away from using white backgrounds, but this quilt reminds me of how nice they do look.  And this particular quilt could probably fit seamlessly into any decor or color palette.

Last 2016 quilt label.  I’ve got new ones that I need to show off.  Soon.

white on white on white.  That’s a first for me.

The Block

Each background block measures 6.5″

Triangles on blocks started out as squares measuring 2-4″.  Anything in those sizes will do and the more different sizes the more varying your butterflies will look.

On each small square I drew a line diagonally.  Pinned it to two opposite corners diagonally and sewed directly on the drawn line.  Then cut 1/4″ on the outside of your line.  Press open.  I have a tutorial here, but note the changes that you will need for the Migration quilt.  The tutorial is for all four sides of the square.  Don’t let that confuse you.  You only need two corners for the Migration quilt.

The Quilt

This is a throw size quilt measuring 60×72″

You will need (120) 6.5″ background squares and (240) 2-4″ colorful squares to complete the quilt top.

Happy Sewing!

xo, Melanie


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