a look back at 2016

I enjoyed 2016.  It was a good year for me.  Most things stayed the same, but we did have a few changes.

My oldest graduated high school in May and then moved off to college in August.

My parents divorced, and my siblings and I learned about separate holidays and family gatherings.

I traveled and enjoyed visiting Charleston, Las Vegas, Biloxi and Gulf Shores and did a little family camping in Tannehill, AL.

And my youngest tested every bit of my patience as he grows older.

We got a new kitten, Peaches.  And I saw Mumford and Son’s in concert.

and now on to my quilt making…

In January of 2016, in preparation for Valentine’s Day, I made my Hand Cut Heart Quilt.

and for the second time, I made a Twirling Around Quilt.

and then I made this Basket Weave quilt from scraps.

That one is actually still for sale in my shop here.

While still on a roll with more masculine colors and fabrics I made a Herringbone quilt.

and then I taught myself how to do quilt repair.  To date, I’ve repaired 8 quilts for customers and friends.

One of my favorite quilts from 2016 was my Strippy Cabin-esque quilt.

I used mountains of low volume prints and pieced without a plan or care.

For a customer, who chose a block out of the book 501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks, I made a Star Dance quilt.

and a simple patchwork quilt

Mandela Blossom was another favorite.  I still have this quilt for sale here.  And I also sell the pattern here.

I LOVE this quilt so much!!

I made another Honey Butter quilt in March.  This time with storybook inspiration.

I made this in March as well.  Mod Corsage.  It was based on a class I took on Creative Bug, taught by Anna Maria Horner.

This one made me really start thinking about appliqued flowers in a different way.

I loved this one very much as well, definitely another favorite for the year.  It ended up going to live in Switzerland.

In April, I made my second Hand Cut Heart quilt.  This time with Tula Pink and low volume fabrics, reversed from the last one.

I made a triple Irish chain quilt with dresden appliques in April as well.

This was a tough one, and I actually liked the quilt better before I put the dresdens on it.

I made another Nine Patch Quilt.  This time with sass.

I finished a vintage quilt, Field of Diamonds.

I bought the Hex N More ruler, and made my very first hexagon quilt.

I’ve made several Irish chain quilts, but this one has to be a favorite.  It was feminine and soft colored and just lovely.

This lone star quilt came into my life in June.  And I had all the heart eyes for it, it’s maker and all it’s many imperfections.

I still like looking at.  I just seems to glow.

In July, I finished my very first Swoon quilt.

Then there was my All My Favorites economy block quilt.  The blocks for this one donned my design wall from early 2016 all the way to when I finally finished it in July.

Every time I came across a fussy cut I adored I made a block.

I made my third Hand Cut Heart quilt after that.

And then I finished for my daughter, The Kitty Quilt.

I made my second Positively quilt.  The fabrics and color palette just made me fall in love with this one.

I made my gazillionth orange peel quilt in my favorite color palette I’ve done to date (for orange peels that is).

In November, I made a Christmas Tree Forest quilt.

My most sentimental and meaningful quilt I did all of 2016 was when I finished my great grandmothers quilt.

Then I made another orange peel quilt.  And this time it was my favorite backgrounds.

I made my fourth Wobbly quilt.

Then I made my second Snow Ball quilt.

In December, I made my first “traditional” tshirt quilt.

I finished another vintage quilt last month as well.

There was also two quilts that I haven’t blogged about yet.  One in October that I never blogged about with a breast cancer awareness theme, and one final quilt for 2016.

These are also not including the many patchwork quilts I have made for weddings and customers from my shop.  I’m also not including any of my rag quilts.  There was just too many to count all of those and I don’t usually blog about them anyway.

I have many MANY plans for quilts coming up.  I’m very excited about 2017.

Thanks so much for your encouragement!

xo, Melanie


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