Scrap buster quilts #1 & #2

So…. amidst all the running around and present buying and menu planning that is this month I am making two quilts for two lovely nieces.

Last month I went on a camping trip with some family.  Two nieces of my husband that we don’t see very often and honestly don’t see much of besides family get togethers.

On this trip, we discovered what darling children they are.

One of them who is a particularly thoughtful child, asked me how much my quilts cost.  When I asked her why, she replied that she wanted to save up her money to buy one from me.

So of course that meant I would be gifting her a quilt for Christmas.  I adore people who adore quilts.  So this is a big surprise and one I am hoping she will love.

I cut up all my fabric and began piecing of the blocks in November.

I stopped working on the project to get Christmas orders out, and now that I have done all that I can on that front, I am working on her quilt.

I’m using the block above.  I’ve used only scraps.

I really, really, REALLY like making scrappy quilts.  I like including a crazy number of different fabrics in a single quilt.

This quilt is for Emma and for her I tried to be thoughtful of the fabrics I used.  On our camping trip together I learned that she does NOT like the color pink and that she loves unicorns.

There are lots of unicorns on this quilt.

I’ve also included a fabric with teepees on it to represent our camping trip since we slept in tents.  I used an owl print because one of the nights we kept hearing an owl hoot and it woke us up.  One morning she was up earlier than anyone else and we went for a walk and saw deer, so there are deer prints in her quilt.

I’ve used greens, blues, teals, grays and corals.

Emma has an older sister who is incredibly sweet and motherly and silly.  She’s just on the verge of becoming a teenager.  I wanted to make her a quilt too.

Instead of focusing on the fabric prints for her quilt, I focused on the colors.

Pinks, fuchsias, maroon, golds, and yellows.

I used LOTS of older Amy Butler fabrics that I’ve had for years, but also included any scrap I could find that was in the color palette.

I’ve finished both the quilt tops now.  Finally.  All that is left is quilt, bind, and wash.


Blocks measure 6.5″ unfinished.

There are 10 blocks across and 12 blocks down

Finished quilt measures 60×72″ (my favorite throw size).


I cut (120) 6.5″ blocks mostly from a basket of 7″ square scrap fabrics that I always seem to have.

If you are cutting from yardage, you would need to cut (20) 6.5″ strips of fabrics.  Then subcut each strip into (6) 6.5″ squares.

For the corners I cut (240) 2″ squares.  All of those came from my low volume scrap basket.

I assembled the block the same way as this block (bottom of post).  The only difference is the size of the squares I used and that I only did two corners of the squares instead of all four like in the snow ball block.

It always feels great using scrap fabrics.  It’s like they are no longer sitting there sighing at me, waiting to be used.

xo, Melanie


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