This time of year I always feel just run ragged.  My to-do lists become un-doable.  Decorating, planning, gift shopping, and then all the regular chores that need to be completed are often just too much.  And I fall behind.

I have been working very hard on getting all my Christmas orders out of my shop.

Everyone that requested a Christmas delivery was given top priority.

Here is one below:

This was from a local and it was her grandmother’s quilt.  She wanted it to be finished for her daughter.  I ADORE it.  All that scrappy fabrics and colors, plus I love how the red borders are not even or symmetrical.

I gave it to the lady yesterday and she seemed pleased.  I know it’s not mine, but it was still hard to part with.

Bottom row, fourth block, that green floral – to DIE for!  I want modern fabric just like that.  Also, bottom row, first block, the turquoise floral.  Be still my heart.  Where can I found you.  I want them for quilting backings and more.

If you might have a quilt made with love by a relative that was left unfinished, visit my shop here to look into me finishing them for you.

These fabrics!  Wovens!  They make the most scrumptious quilt!

I wish I had gotten to make a more difficult quilt, but this was a custom request for simple patchwork.  It’s really hard to choose a favorite.  Maybe this one, or this one.  This one has a hand quilted look to it that is amazing.

I’ll probably be end up buying some more.

This was a very popular item in my shop this season.

I’m probably going to do a tutorial on them soon.

But if you are in the market, I have them listed in the shop here.  You supply this shirt and I do the rest.  I did several lately that was for Moms, made with nightgowns, sweatshirts, etc.

Peachy boy has been finding all sorts of places to fit himself into.  This is a new hobby he’s picked up.  He enjoyed the Christmas decoration boxes sitting around for a bit very much.

The other lovely I’ve been making quite a bit of is the memory quilts.  They are a popular gift every year.  See the details of purchasing them here.

and decorating for Christmas.  This has kept me incredibly busy.

We went with a faux tree this year.  For the past five years, I have had real trees, but I’m paranoid about them, so instead of doing my usual worrying since our wood burning fire place is just right there, I decided to go out and purchase this small one.  It ended up smaller than I would have thought, but since I have a very cramped living room, it works.

the paris bucket is from hobby lobby.

As I decorated this year, I realized that half of my Christmas decorations are my mom’s old cast offs.  She had everything in a pile to be donated years ago, and since it was things from my childhood that I remembered fondly, I whined until she gave them to me.  🙂

I usually try to buy one new thing each year for Christmas decor, just a little rule to keep myself in check, but also I like to keep things fresh.

I purchased these two gingerbread houses.  They are from Hobby Lobby and were half off.

I bought a bag of the tiny wreaths for $2.99 there as well and hot glued them onto the church and house.  The trees were part of a pack as well of maybe 10 different size trees that I got there as well.

Okay, that’s more than one thing, BUT it’s all part of a set together, so that counts as one right?

I also went to pinterest and searched free christmas printables.  I printed off about 4 different prints on white card stock paper and then framed them with frames I already had around the house.

Shows I have been watching while working since my last lately post:

Westworld – I am really into this show.  It comes on Sunday nights, but I usually watch it on demand at work on Mondays.  It’s about robots coming to life, but its set during the wild west (in a game).  It’s complicated, but you’d understand if you watched.  I think it’s HBO.

Outlander – I’m almost done with season 2.  I don’t plan on reading anymore of these books and I know that season 3 is due out in the upcoming future, so I wanted to be up to date for that.  I did not enjoy season 2 as much as season 1.  It’s just quite a bit to take in.  However, I do love the Scotland scenes, the accents, and all the history that is in this show.  It’s worth watching.  I watch it On Demand, the Starz channel.

Gilmore Girls – So I gave this a try again (I also tried in the 90’s).  It seems to have some very loyal fans.  But I gave it up during season 2.  Maybe I’ll try again later.  Watched on Netflix.

The Office – So for the fourth time in probably 4 years, I watched this show beginning to end and it still is my most favorite tv show ever.  I laugh so much.  And it’s something I can watch while I work, but not pay too much attention to. Watched on Netflix.

Also have still been watching The Walking Dead – but I’m no going to discuss that.

I will leave you with this picture of my cat.  I am in the middle of piecing a quilt now, and he climbs on top of my machine and proceeds to fall asleep.  What the heck, cat?




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