I finished my great grandmothers quilt

I’ve been excited about this for a while about this project.

If you remember this was my great grandmother’s quilt top gifted to me by my grandmother.  Read the whole story here.

Her work was just exquisite to me.  All her hand stitches were incredibly well done.  I could tell the great care she took with this quilt.

It was made completely with polyester clothing, so it’s heavy.  Like really heave.  Like I basted on the wall twice cause the first time it fell off while I was half way through the process.  I had to spray baste pretty generously to make this work.

I was torn on the edges of this quilt.  I wanted to preserve them, notice in my first, TOP picture that they are hexagon shaped on the edges.

I debated and debated and eventually I straightened everything up.

I knew this was going to be hard to quilt, polyester is thick and it doesn’t iron well so I had some bulk in my seams.

And last time I had to make bias binding, it was not a work of art.  And this was my great grandmother’s quilt.  I didn’t want anything to be wrong with it, so that was my reasoning for straightening up the edges.

I backed it with my favorite Tanya Whelan print of all time.  Plus, the fabric has a vintage-ish feel to it.  And it has roses on it, which I know my grandmother loves.

I quilted in a meander.  Probably not the very best choice for polyester, but I was kinda stuck on what to do.  It couldn’t have had dense quilting no matter what.  There was just too much bulk, so I did a meander that was very large and spacious.

And this is where it lives now.  Brightening up my living room with it’s bright happiness.

It was made in my great grandparent’s house and after they passed away, it lived in a bag in my grandmother’s closet and now it lives here with me.

A cheerful reminder of loved ones.

I will cherish it like no other quilt I have.

And I am completely smitten and madly in love with it.

If you have a quilt top by one of your family members or maybe you just found a quilt top in a thrift store or flea market and are in need of having it finished, I would be happy to do that for you.  You can read the details of it here.


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