A yellow and mint orange peel quilt

I feel like I make orange peel quilts on a pretty regular basis.  But this one…

…hurts to part with.

This quilt was a custom order from a very lovely lady who asked for her ‘peels’ to be low volume fabrics and her background to me mint or yellow.

I decided to do both.

Technically, it was because I did not have enough mint 6.5″ squares, BUT as soon as I started sliding the yellow in as well I got all googly eyed.

See all my other orange peel quilts here.

The last several orange peel quilts I’ve made, I have used prints for the backgrounds instead of solids.  I find it makes the quilts SO much more interesting.  Not to mention as vast amount of different fabrics being used in a single quilt.

I am not completely out of mint green fabrics (except for scraps).

This quilt also cut my low volume scrap basket by 2/3s.  I was pretty happy about that since it was toppling over and I had been giving it the stank eye for over a month wondering what I was going to do with those scraps.

I tend to complain mostly when I make this style quilt.  There is a LOT of cutting in preparation, those peels do not cut quickly.  And that’s with me using a rotary cutter and folding my interfaced fabric over, cutting multiple peels at once (I usually cut 6 at once).

Also, it’s a ton of applique work.  SO this time I did it a little differently.

I cut all my squares beforehand.  Then cut about 50 peels, then sat down and appliqued them.  Got up and cut 50 more and then sat down and so on and so on until all 224 of them were done.

This way my feet didn’t hurt too much and neither did my rear from sitting.  Not sure why I’ve only just thought of this, it seems pretty obvious to me now.

But this made the whole process so much more enjoyable.

Also, working with these soft whispery colored fabrics didn’t hurt matters either.

If you might be interested in having me make you a custom orange peel quilt for yourself or someone you love, please have a look at all the details here.


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