Great grandmother Nora’s quilt

If you follow me on instagram you probably already heard me tell this story, but I’m going to tell it again anyway.

During my grandmother’s birthday party this past September, we decided to spend the day with her going through all her old 2,000+ pictures (her idea).

We chose the ones we wanted for ourselves someday, put them in an album and left them at her house to receive someday in the future.  She couldn’t part with them just yet.

I stumbled upon a picture of my great grandmother (my grandmother’s mother) Nora holding up a flower garden quilt.

I literally gasped when I saw it.  I had to just see this quilt!  I wanted to touch it and gaze at it.  Here is the only lady in  my family who also made quilts!  This has to be where my love for them comes.

I showed Grandma the picture and asked where was this quilt.  She told me she didn’t even remember the quilt and that she had 9 brothers and sisters.  It could be anywhere.  I sighed, put the photo in my album and forgot about it.

Less than a month later she calls me up and tells me to come see her, she had something for me.  I told her I would come the next day and she said, “No, you come on down here today.”

I came on down there.  And she gave me this.

This is THE quilt that my great grandmother Nora is holding up in that faded picture.  This quilt is completely hand stitched by her sweet hands.  It had been folded up in a bag and put in the back of one of my grandma’s closets.

She told me she had went through all her closets searching.  She had about 5 of them total, all unfinished.  She gave me this one.

The picture of her holding is dated August 1973, that would be when the picture was developed.  But if you look behind her in the picture, on the wall, there is a calendar for 1972.  I’ll say that is when the quilt was finished.

I almost cried.  I get to finish my great grandmother’s work.  This means so very much to me.  She died when I was around 5 years old, but I can remember her.  I remember her house and that she was in a wheel chair towards the end of her life.  I remember her patting my arm.

Her flower garden quilt is made entirely of polyester clothing.  It is perfect.  Her stitches are perfect.  There are no tears, no stains, just a perfectly preserved quilt that has been waiting on me.

My plan is to have it completed by Thanksgiving so that I can take it back down to Grandma’s house and show it to her.

I created this label above to go on the quilt corner.  I feel incredibly blessed to not only have this quilt to treasure, but to get to finish it for her.  It feels kind of like working together with her on a quilt, something I would have never got to do otherwise.


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