Sky quilt

I’m still working on this sky quilt.  A single block every day, or here lately, when I’m out of town or something comes up I take my daily sky picture, log the details about the weather and then make a few blocks a few days later.

It’s been harder than I imagined to keep up doing just a single block a day.  Keeping up the cobalt blue (mostly) stash has also been a bit of chore.

I’ve had several friends swap scraps with me so that I can have more cobalts, but nothing seems to be enough.  This quilt is constantly needing more.

I’ve used almost all scraps to do these blocks.  Thankful to have something to use them for.  They constantly pile up and then I have to find a whole quilt to use them in. It’s a never ending circle.  Though, it does feel nice to use them when I do.

and here they all are together…

I’ve actually got a many more done than this picture shows (I took this a week or so ago).

And if you remember from previous posts, I take a picture of the sky and make my block based on what it looks like for that day.  There have not been too many gray or white days.  It’s almost constantly blue around these parts.

My sewing machine faces all the blocks on the wall so that I am constantly staring at them (which is great for not getting sidetracked on other quilt projects, keeps up the inspiration), and I am always trying to decide my favorite block.  And that is impossible, because the blocks are all so great in their own way.

My plan is to lay the blocks out 10 rows by 10 with 2.5″ sashing and then a border around the whole thing.  Pretty standard stuff.  But it will showcase all the blocks nicely.

It should end up being a square queen size quilt.

I’m excited to be finished.


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