Navy blue wobbly quilt

As I’ve worked on my sky quilt, I’ve been using all scraps.  Trying to stay away from any of my yardage, and I have.  Mostly.

Cobalt (the color of the sky most of the time), is not a color that my blue stash basket is full of.  Navy however is.

My blue basket of scraps is FULL of navy.  And I got a little tired of constantly moving them aside.  Especially when they were all so pretty.

There was many of them and they were in my way during the hunt for cobalt.  So I pulled all the feminine girliest ones and started a new wobbly quilt.

Navy blue is my favorite of colors.  I have more of it than any other color in my stash and yardage AND I wear it all the time.

I’ve been wanting to make this quilt again (see the very last wobbly quilt I made here), and I wanted to make it using only one color.  And so it was perfect for the navy blue scraps.

This quilt busts scraps out the wazoo, so if you are like me and have an overwhelming scrap basket, you can find my pattern here.

It is easy to cut, and it is incredibly easy to chain piece.  Plus as you can see, I also got to use up just as many low volume scraps, which is my only scrap basket fuller than the blues.

It was full of little surprises.  Like the bunny.

or the butterfly.

and many more.

I bound it with a navy floral print.  This is probably my favorite scrap quilt to make.  I should probably make more.  My green stash is also out of control.

This quilt has already been sold, but if you are interested in having one made with colors of your choosing, have a look here in my shop for more details.  I’d be more than happy to make you one.


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