What have I been up to lately?

Pretty much the same as usual.  Quilt making and quite a bunch of it.

I lost that cluttered small book shelf that held my fabric scraps in smaller baskets and reorganized them into large baskets that were being used for something else and then lined them up on the bottom of this big shelf in my studio.

Doesn’t that look neater?  Now they are not all hanging out in disarray.

They are still based on color.  At the top of this same shelf I have smaller containers with lids that house 2″- 6″ blocks and other bits similar to that that I use constantly.  All is labeled for me to just grab what I need.

In place of that bookshelf I now have a large basket that holds some finished quilts and some vintage quilt tops that will soon be finished.

I recently made the staple dress.  It was an easy make.  Might have taken me 2-3 hours and that included cutting out the pattern pieces.  It’s pretty cute on as well, but the next time I will use something other than quilting cotton, maybe voile.

I then set up a whole pinterest board of fabrics I want to use and patterns I want to use them on.

It’s fall here, but the highs are still in the high 80’s most days.  Still a nice reprieve from the summer temperatures.

I’ve got several projects I’m working on right now.  Some I’ve discussed and some I will be discussing soon.

  • the sky quilt
  • I’m crocheting my grandmother a shawl for Christmas
  • still working on the trippy quilt, just incredibly slowly
  • I also joined a traveling quilt group (2nd time) and getting to know some knew ladies and come up with ideas for a themed quilt for myself. #wanderingquilt
  • I was recently gifted a quilt from my great grandmother that needs finishing (more on this soon)

Outside sewing and quilting I have been watching movies and shows while I work.  A few good ones that I’ve enjoyed recently are:  Game of Thrones (on xfinity), Mercy Street, Poldark and Justified (all on Amazon).  I watched the newest season of The Fall on Netflix.

I’ve been listening to the same podcasts as usual, but two sewing/quilting podcasts that I enjoy very much are Modern Sewciety and The Crafty Planner.

I usually watch TV as I’m piecing and then listen to podcasts when I’m quilting.

When I’m cutting fabric or cleaning or anything else I usually listen to music.  It’s almost always the Spotify app and lately I’ve been enjoying a playlist called Wild + Free.  It’s great.

If you have any recommendations for me, please leave a comment below.

Until next time….


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