A new orange peel

I’ve made orange peel quilts at least a dozen times.

I do it the very easy way of raw edge appliqueing.

I take a fat quarter of fabric, back it with a light interfacing and then proceed to hand cut my orange peels out with a template of my own.  I usually fold the fat quarter in a way where I am cutting at least 8 orange peels at a time.

When you are cutting 324 peels, doing that will save you quite a bit of time.

I’ve not mastered sewing curves or hand appliqueing, so raw edge is the only way for me for the time being.

And here it is being basted.

I cut my background blocks 6.5″ and then sit there with Netflix on and zig zag each peel onto the square.  It’s a long process.  Usually takes  a full days work.

By using the very light/sheer interfacing, I can quilt over the extra fabric without any ordeal.  I’m not a fan of having to quilt around the peels (that is a headache on a regular sewing machine).

And until I’m able to get a long arm (some day!), these huge quilts have to be done on my regular sewing machine, so I’m concentrating more on needing it to be completed than I am on a pretty design.  A simple meander does just fine.  I have no stress, a nice quilt, and only a little neck ache from the hours spent quilting it.

This one is a king size, 108″ square so that is quite a bit of pulling and tugging for my sewing machine and my arms, but it can be done.

and voila!

For the peels I bought about twelve different fabrics in mint, teal and dark pinks and then added some scraps so that it will feature more fabrics and I used lots of greens and some lavenders as well.

The background is almost all low volume prints in creams.  There are a few that are white, but with the majority being creams, it looks a little more creamy than clean white.

Most of the low volumes are quite, but there are also a few loud ones in there for something to look at.  I like the brown dots, they are one of my favorites.

for the back, I sandwiched this aqua tile from Joel Dewberry in between a maroon solid from Free spirit.

I’ve been thinking a bit about the way I back my quilts and almost ALWAYS do multiple fabrics on them, but I don’t like the multiple fabrics to be running down the quilt.  I like them to be running across it.

This way if I have the quilt laying on the top of my bed, and I turn it down, you only see one of the fabrics.  It’s just a preference.

If you are interested in purchasing an orange peel quilt from me, see this page here.

xo, Melanie


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