A trippy quilt beginnings

Do you know that feeling when inspiration hits you? And your excited and cannot get your ideas started fast enough?

Not everything I make starts with this feeling. Some projects have a bit of it. And some projects I just want to finish. And then some projects I am jumping up and down, rubbing my hands together and giggling. 

That’s the feeling I have with this quilt. 

I was inspired by violet of stitchery sewist shop. She is currently making a trip around the world quilt that could stop traffic. (See her Instagram page here

I have been wanting to make a trippy quilt since I first started noticing quilts. So forever. 

My colors are shades of purple, gray and yellow. 

I’m using this pattern. And it’s SO easy! And it busts scraps like nobody’s business!  Which are all good things in my book. 

I’ve been just making a block at a time. Here and there. They are fairly quick though. 

I’ve also got scraps all over the place. I’m digging looking for strips that are long enough. And trying to dig through my scrap baskets before or ping my drawers and pulling out the half yard. I’ll be saving those for last resort. When I’ve completely run out of scraps to use. It may take awhile. 

I also put up another design wall (aka batting pinned to the wall) in my daughters room. She’s off to college so it should be fine. 

I like to watch my blocks coming together this way. It keeps me going and excited. 

But back to the trippy quilt…

There are two tips that I wanted to mention that I’ve noticed while making these blocks:

-after you have cut your ‘loops’ and you have seam ripped the first one. And now you seam rip the second and so on, seam rip at the block that is on top of the last column you have done. This will keep things in the correct order.  

-and lastly. Before seam ripping. Look at your loops and decide which fabric is your boldest and use that for the one single diagonal row in the block(middle diagonal). That fabric needs to be on the bottom of your first column. 

Happy sewing!

💜, Melanie 


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