Week 1 of the sky quilt

Are you joining in on this whole #100days100blocks?  If not, you are missing out on how much fun we are having.

The blocks so far have been incredibly easy.  We are not talking about the kind of quilt blocks that take an hour to make.  We are talking 15 minute blocks, some even shorter.

They are easy blocks.  They are all from the book The City Sampler by Tula Pink.  They all measure 6.5″.  No paper piecing, no templates.  Just simple rotary cutting with fabrics from my scrap bin.

SOME of the pieces are as small as 1.5″ so what I’m doing to make sure I don’t make any mistakes with cutting, or sewing or even pressing, is that before I even cut my scrap of fabric, I give it a good starching.  It makes all the difference when working with smaller pieces.

I’ve mentioned already that I am basing each of my blocks on the color of that particular day.  So far there has been quite some variations.  The blue days are usually pretty similar, but the gray days vary quite a bit.  I’m waiting on a rainbow day, or a storm day.

I’ve been tempted to take my sky picture at sunset some days, but then I don’t.  It somehow doesn’t feel quite right.  So I’ve been taking my sky picture each day between mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

If I’m keeping a record of the sky, it might as well be a fair record, an accurate one.

This sky idea came from Lea Redmond and her sky scarf.

And the whole point for me is to put a little more meaning into the quilts I make.  It feels kinda like looking at a piece of art that I love just because it’s pretty, and then finding out this whole secret/story about it that you had no clue of.

When the quilt is finished, someone might say how pretty it is, and I’ll say, It’s not just pretty.  It’s a record of how the sky looked for 100 consecutive days in the year 2016.  That’s cool to me.

Each day when I make the block, I log the details of the day.  The temperature, the cloud coverage, even a few highlights of my day.  Nothing that takes up too much time that will make me quit (sometimes I do that when I get overwhelmed).  I’m keeping it simple.

This is just another part of my pledge to make more thoughtful and meaningful quilts.

And every quilt has meaning.  We spend hours at it.  Days.  We put such hard work, patience into each and every quilt.  So why am I just randomly choosing fabrics because I think they are pretty?  That’s the part I want to  change up a little for me.

One time I made this quilt for a customer.  It was a great quilt.  Pretty.  While I was working on it, and I was cutting the yellow solid fabric for the back and had sewn two pieces of the yellow together to make it big enough, I realized that at some time I had cut a huge chunky square out of one of the ends.

I felt like we always feel at one of those times.  Angry at myself for not looking the fabric over more carefully.  Frustrated.  I took a deep breath, pulled a print fabric out, cut it into a square that would fit and then Y-seamed it into the backing.

My customer loved the quilt.  And she even contacted me to say that she loved the unique way I did the backing.  Which made me laugh and so I told her the story and then she told me that she loved it even more because of that.

The unusual solid backing with a print at one square corner of it had meaning.

Of course it was a symbol of my mistake, a happy mistake, or overcoming a problem.

Regardless, it got me to thinking.

Thank you for reading along!







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