The kitty quilt completed

It’s been a week since we took my daughter off to college. So many emotions. 

On one hand i’m very happy and excited for her, on the other I am so sad to see my baby go. 

She’s not even that far away, but the house is quieter and I find myself even missing all the little arguments we have on a daily basis. 

I finished this kitty quilt for her before she left. 

I wanted to show off my favorite parts. 

This was not a planned quilt. This is a quilt that over a few months I made blocks here and there. I didn’t worry about sizes of the blocks, I’d planned on making everything fit Later with bits of fabric. 

Instead I just worked on a block. Some were patterns and some were original ideas. 

When I hand a handful of blocks finished I arranged them and started slipping low volume where I couldn’t get blocks to match up. 

So here we go in favorite parts. 

My daughter picked out the backing fabric   I call this a dark mint, too much green to be Aqua. It’s a jeni baker fabric and I am just in love with the color. 

The binding was my choice. A black on white scallop fabric from art gallery fabrics that I’ve used many times as binding. 

The above fabric that the purple kitty is within is my favorite fabric throughout the quilt. It’s Lizzy house from her whisper collection. I just love it. 

The fishbone above. I have used this exact same fishbone in three different quilts now. 

I originally cut WAY too many pieces for an addition on a traveling quilt I worked on last year.   Then in January when I finished the last month of the beehive quilts, I used it in a mini quilt as an extra little gift. And here it is finally again making its appearance in my daughters quilt. 

That’s kinda cool I think. Like a signature of mine of the time. 

I’m not sure where these tumbling cats on yellow came from, but I laughed when I ran across them in my stash. I don’t remember buying them, but there they sat waiting for me as if they were meant to be. 

The dotted cotton and steel fabric with the kids playing in the wind and umbrella. I love this fabric. 

I originally purchased it last year when I was building my low volume stash up. Then I used it in my grandmothers 90th birthday quilt. I still had more of it so I thought I’d use it in my daughters as well. Kinda like another signature of the time and a link between both their quilts. Maybe that sounds silly, but it felt meaningful to me. 

As did this. That fabric that my finger is on above was part of my grandmothers fabric stash that she gave me. I was thinking I’d put some of it in every quilt I make for us. 

I’ve already spoken of this selvedge in an earlier post. It was perfect for my daughter raven. She wants to be a cat lady. 

And the finished pictures. 

It now lives in her dorm room and I hope it lasts and stands as a reminder of what she was obsessed with during this period of her life. And that people is obviously kitties. 😻. 

I’m starting to see a pattern of mine with fabrics. I like scrappy quilts, but even if they are not all different colors, if the scraps all match or are similar colors. I like using eighty different pieces of fabric in a single quilt. 

When I cut say low volume, I pull out almost all my low volumes and cut some from each one. So I’m seeing the same fabrics or mostly in each quilt I make from a given time frame. I love that. 

Kinda like a signature of the stash at the time. 
💜, Melanie


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