Kitty quilt almost done

I have been working like a mad woman. I don’t like rushing, it stresses me and I end up making mistakes. 

But my daughter leaves for school this Saturday and I wanted her to have it before she leaves. 

I made a few more of the little kittens and I found this cute selvedge I wanted to somehow include. 

And I stumbled upon this whiskers block below and just had to make it. It’s a whopping 15″. 

We also made the dreamcatcher for the dorm room. 

And one more silhouette block. 

I was trying to decide between the fabrics below for the border. 

We ended up going with the black. 

I had put uneven borders on it trying to get it to measure the size I was trying to get to and I didn’t like the look so I sewed up some Dresdens to add to the borders. 

I ended up changing the places that I have them in on the above pictures. 

We are really thrilled with it. Even though there were many moments when I hated it. 

Now to quilt and bind and wash. 

💜, Melanie 


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