Sky quilt 100

I read something recently about a sky scarf knitting challenge from Lea Redmond

I loved that idea. And I’ve been wanting to be thoughtful and meaningful in my quilts for some time now. 

The whole idea behind the scarf is to record the weather each day, but with yarn. I thought this idea might translate beautifully to quilting as well. 

I’ve been waiting for a project to start this sky quilt with. 

And then this became a sensation on Instagram. 

Hosted my gnome angel and a few more ladies, the idea is to make one block from Tula pinks city sampler book each day for 100 days in order. 

There are some great prizes that you could win just by posting the correct block on the correct day. 

I love group quilting projects, especially in the beginning when everyone is excited and posting their blocks. It’s such a fun experience.  

Mid morning today I went outside and snapped my first photo of the sky for this quilt project. 

The sky was an incredible shade of rich blue. There was one single cloud.  It’s sunny with a high of 88 degrees today. 

The first several blocks of the book (which is a great book) are about crosses. 

On each page I’m writing about the sky about the goings on in the house that day. Like a mini journal. 

Making one block every day is quite a task, and I’m not going to get angry with myself if I get behind here or there. As long as I take my sky picture each day that should be enough, though I will be trying very hard to make this a part of my day for the next 99 days. 

I’ll probably post photos daily on Instagram and every few blocks here. 

Very excited. 

💜, melanie


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