The kitty quilt 

I really, really like kitties. Probably not as much as I love doggies, with dogs you are loved beyond measure and adored to no end. 

Cats are not like that, but there is something about their sassy indifference and particularly when they are in kitten stage that makes them heaps of fun. I won’t even get into how much I love the purring. 

So when Michael Ann of Michael Ann Made offered up these paper piecing patterns I jumped on this idea.  

I started these two paper piecing patterns (which are actually part of a trio that you can purchase here) unsure of where I was going, but knew that I wanted them in a quilt. 

I actually made these blocks back in April. Then my daughter got her very own kitten and decided to claim the future “kitty quilt”. 

The quilt I had kinda pictures in my head was scrapped b\c she wanted to be in charge of particulars.  Which was fine. I plan on gifting her the quilt at the end of August when she moves off to college. 

And there were rules that were put in place for me:  no pink. No faces on the cats. 

I had already started the quilt in jewel tones and low volume background. 

I made these star blocks weeks ago with fabric featuring cats. I also snuck in a little pink, but have promised no more. We both hate the top right star and it will probably get tossed as an epic fail. 

We both liked the silhouette appliqués.  And I finished this one up tonight. I will make more of these with the cat silhouettes in different poses. 

Here is a group shot of everything. The panels will not be used. I found those on sale and whipped them together quickly, thinking they were adorable and still do, but they have been vetoed as too cutesy and babyish for a college girl quilt by my daughter. I agreed that they don’t quite fit. I will be turning them into pillow covers for the shop. 

The little cat heads come from this pattern, but I gave them a thicker border since they were a bit tiny. 

I put together a fun inspiration board together here on Pinterest

So until there is more. 

💜, melanie


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