I’ve never made a swoon quilt. Most modern quilters probably have, so once again I’m behind the times. 

But I recently chatted with a lady who wanted me to make one for her daughter. All pastels. 

I get usually two types of customers for my custom quilts: one that wants to pick every single fabric that gets used and really steers the quilt in the direction it ends up in and the other kind that will give me minimal input. 

I don’t mind either.  My quilt making supports my family and I’ll let my customers have it their way. 

Occasionally this will mean I end up making a quilt I don’t love (though this isn’t very often, it does happen), but more often than not a customer will give me a color palette or just a little bit of inspiration and let me take it away. 

Obviously, this is my favorite. I get to pick fabrics (and that’s the best part 😊). 

So this particular customer asked for a swoon quilt and wanted it done in pastels.  So I pulled here and there from my stash (nothing purchased) and got busy. Happily. 

I didn’t have a lot of pastels and I might have  used every thing I did have in these particular colors. 

My Aqua stash is almost non-existent. I keep using all of them. My coral, orange and yellow is overflowing, but mostly too busy. A mint green stash barely exists and the pinks are laughable. But I managed. 

I keep buying fabrics with multiple colors on them and I’m trying to focus more on fabrics that are more tonal, that seems to be what my stash lacks the most, basics and fabrics like that. 

It seems silly that I have a dresser full of fabrics and think I don’t have what I need, but sometimes that is the case. I promise I’m not just saying that to buy more fabric (like some people that I live with think). After all these years I really need to work on how I choose fabric. 

What I want to do is if my stash is low on pinks to visit a fabric store and choose a bunch of shades of pinks in maybe half yard cuts. That way it’s in my stash when I need it. I’ve been doing that the last few weeks and I like it. This doesn’t mean to completely cut out seeing a fabric I like and buying it, but I need to start addressing my needs more instead of “Ooh, pretty fabric.”

Rant over. Back to the quilt. 

This block is by far the prettiest of all other quilt blocks. It’s a giant beauty and I can see why it’s so popular among quilters. 

BUT it is extremely complicated to chain piece. I had to be careful and keep colors pinned together to be sure that I didn’t mix things up. Color 1 and color 2 business. 

Even with my intentional carefulness I loved making them. I watched Netflix and chain pieced for 3-4 days.  Finished the whole series of ‘Happy Valley’. 

I think I’ve spent 4 days on the blocks. And that’s with my husband trimming HSTs and the geese. 

But it’s together now and quilted. Tomorrow I’ll bind and wash it up and take pictures before it heads to Canada to its forever home. 

💜, melanie


2 thoughts on “Swooning

  1. ‘It seems silly that I have a dresser full of fabrics and think I don’t have what I need’ does not sound silly at all. It is just the way of things. It is the same here. Some values do not want to play with one another or are plain wrong for a particular project. I have no yellows really, happy to swap for aquas =)

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