All my favorites economy block quilt

You might remember this quilts blocks being on my design wall for almost a year. I have made them here and there. Ever since about a year ago when I started collecting Heather Ross fabrics. 

See the start of that quilt here. 

I fell in love with how great those fabrics looked when fussy cut. I also started setting aside other designer fabrics I thought would make good centers for my economy block squares. 

And for almost a year I’ve made these blocks. No rush. No deadline. Just whenever I saw a fabric I must use. 

Last month I finished twenty blocks and was ready to finish this up. You know how that goes… My mind had already more than moved on to my next slow make and this one kept hankering at me and I needed it off the design wall. 

I’ve been wanting to make a floating block quilt for awhile. Using the big white border makes me think of the blocks floating plus also upped the size to a twin quilt. And all that negative space was an added bonus. I love how the quilting looks in negative space. 

You can see how much Heather Ross fabrics were used compared to other prints. I just can’t get over them. My stash of her fabrics has since quadrupled so I’ve got a quilt on my mind in the future with nothing but her prints. Hopefully sooner than later. 

You might notice that the four corner blocks are a little different. They were my first blocks and cut at a completely different size. 

I could have remade them, but laziness got the best of me. I added borders to bring them to size and called it a day. 

This quilt was sold right after I photographed it.

My next slow make is a quilt that I’m making for my daughter as a gift. She will be moving at the end of August to go to college and the quilt will be a going away present. 

We are working on it together, or should I say that I am working on it and she is supervising. I will post pictures on that tomorrow. 

πŸ’œ, melanie


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