Hand cut heart quilt – again, but with less bold colors

Sorry about the wrinkly pictures in advance. 

This quilt was a custom request. My customer chose the fabrics for the hearts only. And I chose the background prints. 

This one is so much more subtle than the original. Which you can find here. 

Let me gush a bit here about low volume fabrics. I LOVE them, like LOVE in the strongest sense of the word. I have begun to collect them in great big bundles. I’ve been using them so often recently that I’ve had to really increase my stash. 

And I like to use them in an eclectic way, making no real sense other than I like every print no matter where they belong together or not. 

In this quilt as well as the original I didn’t discriminate on creams or whites, but included both. 

Take a look at some of these prints. 

The horse print is by Bari j from art gallery fabrics from her… Alise line maybe?  Anna Elise?  Something like that. 

I’ve had it in my stash for over a year, hoarding it, but I added it to this quilt due to a lack of low volume at the time of cutting. 

The swan print was chosen by my customer as I mentioned before. It’s a cloud 9 organic fabric. I love brown when it’s so dark you can no longer decide if its brown or gray. 

Another customer request. This quilt was a gift for a mother and so we worked together to work in this sweet little message. 

And you might be noticing quite a large amount of bicycles and that is that it was another request. The giftee is an avid cyclist. 

I backed with soft colored fabrics that coordinated with the hearts on this quilt. As well as the minty binding. 

Those typewriters again. Another hoarded fabric that I am letting go with. 

For years I have tried to work with a selected amount of fabrics, but lately I’ve enjoyed not doing that. And instead just adding whatever I want based on color alone. 

This quilt probably features 30+ fabrics in it. 

I find myself cutting smaller amounts from my fat quarters and half yards in order to save a bit of them for the next quilt. 

Why have I not been doing that all along?  After all these years?

If I had my stash might be so much more diverse. 

💜, melanie


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