Hand Cut Heart Block Tutorial

This block is one of my most favorites. It involves quite a bit of scrap busting, which is a good thing around here. 
I’ve made this quilt twice before. You can see those quilts here and here, and this week I made the quilt a third time so I thought I’d use this time to get a tutorial in. 

So here we go. 

You need about 4 strips of fabric in varying width, but at least 8-10 long. Varying your widths will make for a more interesting quilt. 

Mine are between 1.5-3″. 

Sew your strips together like above and then press. 

Square the strips up a bit. Don’t get fanatical, just a bit is fine. 

Now take a bit of interfacing (I used pellon sheer weight fusible interfacing. And I buy it here) and back your strip block. 

Now fold your strip block in half like above. Take a pair of sharp scissors and cut out half a heart, cutting through both layers of fabric. See below. 

Folding in half will keep your heart symmetrical. 

And then unfold. 

Since I have varied my widths and lengths of my strips of fabric and cut each heart out freehand, my hearts are all unique. 

Next you will need (4) 6.5″ blocks of background fabric. 

Sew them together like below. 

For my seams I pressed the top row to the left and the bottom row to the right. I pressed my big seam open. 

Center your heart in the 4-patch block and applique it on with your favorite stitch. 

And that’s it!

For a crib quilt I’d made make 12 blocks and lay them out 3 across and 4 down. 

For a throw quilt, I made 25 blocks and lay them out 5×5. This should render a 60″ square quilt. 

I am currently make a queen quilt and I made 56 blocks and am laying them out 7×8 rows for an 85×96″ quilt. 

I’d love to see your blocks!  If you post on Instagram please use the #handcutheartquilt. 

💜, Melanie 


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