Pressing tips – open seams

I used to really dislike pressing.  I never took my time with it. It was one of those steps that you just had to GET through it. 

And those patterns that told you which way to press your seams?  No, thanks. 

However, those days are thankfully long behind me. Because pressing well can make a quilt into seam perfection. 

Pressing correctly will line everything up, make everything nest. 

And if you are taking the time to make a quilt, spending just a little extra time on your pressing is worth it. 

If I’m working with any triangle shape I press my seams open. I know this sounds like a pain, but put on some music or Netflix and you won’t get as bored. 

I like to chain piece everything possible, and you can carry that over in a way to your pressing board. 

I lay out a bunch of blocks, 8 or so if small, face down.  

I then take the tip of my iron and just barely open up the seams. Then, I turn over each block, right side up, and give a mist of starch. 

When I press, I do just that, PRESS. I lift my iron up and down over my seams and fabric. I DO NOT move the iron across my fabric, that’s ironing and it will distort your shape. Particularly triangles. 

I am always looking for better techniques in my sewing and quilting. If you have any, please leave a comment. 

💜, melanie


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