Sunday in the studio

Awhile back I moved a dresser into my studio and moved all my fabric stash in there. Re-arranged a bit and loving that my fabric is no longer in display, but tucked out of sight within the drawers of the dresser. 

Every time I walk into this room I see clutter, so having a place to hide stuff is nice. But still there is clutter. 

I can’t seem to escape from it and it nags at me. 

This week I wanted to take down all my mini quilts from the wall and arrange them in a more non-cluttery way. Separate them.  

So I did that. I also went ahead and prettied up the couch a bit. 

I really like this space. I sit here often and so do my kids while I work and they chat. 

I moved the rest of the mini quilts here. You might remember that this is where that crib was. 

The crib was there for picture purposes only. But I so rarely make nursery sets anymore like I used to so I thought I’d get rid of it (fingers crossed I don’t regret that). 

The table that is there on that wall now was on the opposite of my cutting board table. 

This whole arrangement has opened up some space AND more importantly it’s rid me of some clutter. 

Now to just some work….

I’ve been working off and on this one for weeks now. I’ve almost got the blocks completed and I can’t wait to share it soon. 

And this is just a custom crib quilt I am making for a customer, but I had to take a quick pic. I just loved the color palette and beach theme. 

Until next time. 

💜, melanie


One thought on “Sunday in the studio

  1. I stopped by to look for craft room inspiration, my oh my did I find it. I love the feel of your space. It’s so comfy, it makes me want to grab a cup of coffee, sit on that couch and chat with the whir of the sewing machine in the background. Just lovely!

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