Sunday in the studio

I’d like to start a weekly post about just what is happening in the studio. Projects I’m working on and some to come. 

Hopefully I won’t forget to make this happen every Sunday. 

I just straightened up. A lot of the time one of my kids will sit here and chat while I work, and they tend to smoosh my pillows and things so this is something I’m doing daily. 

And here too. This is supposed to always be a pretty spot, but it continues to be a place where I stack projects I’m working on. 

This is my next slow make project. A Priscilla quilt. As soon as I finish up my current slow make quilt, all my favorite things quilt, I’ll start this one. 

My Aqua/turquoise stash is currently miserable. So I’m adding it to it here and there. 

I tend to lean towards prints with multiple colors and I’d like to make an effort to collect prints that feature only one or two fabrics. 

Two memory quilts were finished this weekend and I need to box these up. 

This just came in. I haven’t done the research in the pattern yet. It is a vintage quilt that I’d like to finish. 

One more picture of it. 

I haven’t blogged about this one, but I did post about it on my Instagram, southerncharmquilts

I finally finished the top. I had purchased the star on eBay. It’s made with all vintage fussy cuts and solids. 

I’m very worried it’s not going to lay flat, but more in that later. 

And this is what I’m piecing right now. Another guest book quilt. See here. 

It’s about half way done. 

Thanks for taking a tour with me. Until next Sunday. 

💜, melanie


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