Unless we are talking about embroidery or cross stitch or crochet, I am not a fan of hand stitching. I LOVE it, it’s beautiful, but I do not have the patience. Maybe one day, but not now. 

And you EPP piecers are just amazing, but I’m just lacking and drive to go down that road. However, I do love hexagons. Like love them. Like really really love them. 

And it’s about time I gave them a go. In a way I don’t mind trying. And I had a special request from a customer so that gave me the push I needed. 

Color palette: bright, happy. Red, green, yellow, aqua and coral. There was also a few fabrics that were specifically requested. 

I bought the hex n more ruler specifically for this quilt. It made cutting half hexagons extremely easy. And with half hexagons, one can piece in rows like normally and still end up with a hexagon shape. 

My hexies are 8.5″.  I cut (50) 4.5″ strips and subcut each strip into 4 half hexagons. There are directions on the ruler. 

I laid out my quilt top 9 rows across and 22 rows down. It’s a twin size and ended up fairly close to 66×88″. 

It wasn’t bad at all. Not to cut up or to piece. 

I did end up cutting off the triangular edging. I started to fuss over it, but I worried about the binding so much that I just made it straight. Maybe one day, I’ll try that. 

I’m pretty pleased. And I want to make another one in my own color choices very soon. 

This ruler too does so much more. It has three differ t size hexies, equilateral triangles and more so I’m excited about the possibilities. 

Finished pics to come soon

💜, melanie


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