Irish chain quilt reveal

I don’t want to send this quilt away. I keep letting it and picturing it on my own bed. 

I wish I made more quilts for selfish reasons. However, the mortgage demands payment and the kids need feeding so I must sale them. 

And let’s be honest, how many quilts does one girl need. 

And hopefully this quilt will make someone happy. 

I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned this, but my momma bought me my first sewing pattern. It was for a patchwork tote. After making it, I used the pattern and adopted it for a quilt (I was very untrained and ignorant in those days).

I started going shopping for fabric and used any extra money I could come up with. 

One day I was at my mom’s work and was showing her a bunch of bags I had made and several of the ladies offered to buy them and a few requested customized bags. 

From then on, this is how I paid for my hobby. 

The quilt obsession came soon after for me and then the discovery of Etsy. I listed a few things and sold something here and there, until I quit my job and started making quilts all day just to keep up. 

The reason for the name of my shop: Southern Charm Quilts …. I’d just finished reading Gone With The Wind.  😊 

This quilt can be found in my shop here. It can be made completely customizable to suit your tastes. 

💜, Melanie 



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