Irish Chain

This time just a single chain (thank goodness). I’ve made this quilt two other times before, but for some reason, I’ve only found a picture of the first time. See it here. 

And that was way back in 2014, before I had ever begun free motion quilting. 

This one is another custom order, purchased by a husband for his wife (sweet!). The colors are supposed to be navy, blush and champagne. So romantic, this palette. 

I ran out of white solid (eek!) and decided to add some low volume. I think it will end up looking better this way, a little subtle whisper of spice. 

It looks wonky, but my blocks are overlapping a bit. This is a king size quilt and my design wall is not quite big enough. 

Aren’t the fabrics just lovely??  I want to keep this one. 😭

I really like this pattern. It’s one of my favorites. I know I say that often, but I like a lot of white-ish on quilts. It makes a quilt look dreamy, like a cloud I can curl up in. And this pattern really embraces that. Just enough color to not be boring, and plenty of room for the dreaminess. 

Restful and serene. 

I wonder what this quilt would look like in reverse….

💜, Melanie 


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