A finished Ireland quilt

I completed the triple Irish chain quilt.   

One thing I’d wish I’d done different is the point of time which I put the Dresden plates on. 

This is a constant decision that changes over and over in my head. 

If I put them on last, they can become part of the quilting, BUT moving around a queen size basted quilt around and around thing to stitch on Dresden plates is nobody’s idea of a good time. Even if it looks fabulous in the backside of your completed quilt. 

So I prefer to make things less stressful for myself, thinking the easier I make things the less fed up I will become. 

  So normally I will put dresdens on after the blocks are put together, but before you stitch them altogether into your quilt top. 
However, for this quilt, the spot for the dresdens only came available AFTER I stitched the blocks together.   I could have put them on per row but did not, I waited until the quilt top was complete, thinking a quilt top would be so much easier to maneuver than a basted quilt and it WAS, but not as easy as if hoped it would be. 

There is always this panic with the quilting on a Dresden quilt too, for me anyway. 

AGAIN, if you wait to the end, they get quilted as you put them on, but I’ve already crossed that out. And quilting on top of them is ….. worrisome, maybe. Or for myself, I’ve never quilted top of them and liked the end result, so for this quilt I left them unquilted and just moved the ma gone around them careful not to touch. 

They were such small dresdens that this worked this time. 

It also made the back look pretty cool too (dummy me did not take a pic.  Someone was complaining that there arms hurt from holding the quilt up). 


During the making of this one, I got a really cool idea for a new Dresden quilt that I’m excited about.   Hopefully I can find time to slide that one in soon.  I’ve got several orders coming up for some quilts I haven’t made before…. maybe even a hexagon quilt 👏🏻. 

This quilt is listed in my shop under custom quilts so that you can choose your colors for it. Find it here

💜, melanie


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