A salty nine patch initial quilt

This might be the third time, I think, that I’ve made this quilt. And it’s the second time that I had made a quilt for this sweet customer. 

There was somewhat of a color palette of blue, pink and purple and then black and white, but it was meant to be a little scrappy too. The main focus being on the fabrics.   They needed to be salty, not sweet. A maniac badass kid, not a girly girl. Those were the instructions. 

Finding fabric that reflects that, not so easy. Poo fabric was requested, and would you believe that I actually found poo fabric

Dogs were also requested, that request much easier. 

This is such a simple quilt, but I love the effect of the 9-patches together. 

And for the back, I thought these haughty totty chic ladies would do the part from art gallery fabrics, Francis Newcombe. 

I also binded it in one of her dot fabrics as well. 

This was a fun make and very low stress involved in it. 

To make your own 9-patch blocks, I cut strips 4.5″ x width of fabric. And then subcut each strip into (9) 4.5″blocks. I use two strips to make 2 blocks, alternating the fabrics. 

This salty quilt is off to its new home now, but if you are interested in having me make you a similar quilt, you can read all about the process here. 

💜, melanie


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