Multiple Things

I’ve been working on old projects and some very new projects. 

I very spontaneously started these kitties. I’ve been wanting to make a kitty quilt for months now and when I saw these patterns I thought they’d be perfect. It’s three patterns on sale right now by Michael Ann Made right here

I’ve only made the one so far.  It is paper piecing, but it doesn’t have any fussy tiny pieces and it came together quickly. 

For the kitty quilt, I have no real pattern, just thoughts in my head and I’m thinking of something very similar to last year’s Halloween quilt.  Random blocks, lots of negative space and this time in going to add dresdens in the negative space. 

For colors I’m going to go very dark, rich and dramatic on low volume. 

I pinned a whole lot more kitty inspiration here. 

  I finished this rag quilt in Joel dewberry fabrics. It’s listed here in queen size ready to ship and here in made to order any size. 

   I’ve  also been crocheting up a storm. The SAME project I’ve been working on for a year, though I’ve stopped and started randomly all year. 
I have 65/100 granny squares completed. 


I’ve tried to learn to sew curves. I was awful, but I’ll keep trying.  I REALLY want to learn how to do this properly. It’s one of my goals for the year and it opens up worlds of quilt possibilities if I can conquer this. Fingers crossed. 

So that’s it. And the next post I’ll be back to quilt finishes, hopefully. 

💜, melanie


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