Some changes, some pillows and a block

A bear paw. My favorite of all the other quilt blocks. And weird that this one is the first one I’ve ever made. 

But I havent made one because of how many pieces and how complicated and ALL those HSTs!  

But look at this block!  There must be more of these in my future. And it IS a fussy little block!  But I guess the best blocks deserve the most work. 

I made this one block for a pillow cover I gifted. And I’m adding this to my list of quilts I must make. And yes, let’s keep with the pale paleness. 

  I also found these too lovelies folded up and forgotten about in my embroidery bag. I had done them last summer, poolside. 
I decided they needed to be pillow covers too while I was making pillows. 

I’ve been saving selvedges for the past year, or the pretty ones anyway and keeping them for just the right projects. Found it!

 I’ve also moved and fluffed the studio about. Moving an old dresser down stairs and removing all those milk crates that held my fabrics on display. 

Now there are all folded and tucked in the dresser, organized by color. 

This change has made everything look less cluttery. Which makes everything look cleaner. Which makes me happier. ❤️

And things can sit on top of the dresser all pretty like this. And I can stare at it and get all happy inside.  Cause that’s how I do. 

Now if only I can stop touching my things and moving them around I’ll get some work done. 

💜, Melanie


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