A new quilt design

Remember that block I designed that I was having trouble with here.  I’ve been busy with that one. 

I finished all my blocks for a twin size quilt. And altered them just a bit from the original test block. Not the design so much as just some tiny, almost unnoticeable changes to help with the seams. I also had to press all my seams open – there was no other way. 

First, I really wanted to use this blue as background. 

But it didn’t quite feel right and I asked around and nobody seemed to like it either. So I changed it…

And it seemed to be just what this quilt needed. Now all the blocks seem to pop right off the quilt. 

I used a mix of fabrics on this quilt top. Mostly it’s all Wallflower by Tim holtz, but there are also some linens, some hand dyed fabrics and even a few fabrics from my grandmothers fabric stash that she gifted me last year. 

With the borders on, I think it looks sort of like a medallion. There are only 23 blocks to make in this quilt. They are a little fussy, so I’m glad I went with the small amount of them. Also, I really love negative space on quilts. It shows off all that quilting. 

For the quilting, I went again with twirly whirls, wonky and different sized. 

That secondary shape that these blocks make is my favorite part. 

I backed in this lovely floral from Francis Newcombe of art gallery fabrics. And binded it in a darker gray floral from the same collection. 

As I made this quilt, I have also been working in a pattern for it. And I’ve got a few friends testing it out now. As soon as I hear back from them I plan on releasing it. 

I just LOVE this quilt. It’s definitely one of my favorites. 

It is for sale in twin size here.  Just the way you see it. 

OR I have added it to something I can customize for you as well, colors, fabrics and size.  Details for that are here

Happy Tuesday!

💜, melanie


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