A beginning + pictures from this weekend

While I was working on my last quilt, I had an idea for the next quilt (as always). 

I drew it out on grid paper with my markers and just sat and stared. Then I opened up my eq7 and worked out the math. 

I could not get the rotary cutting instructions on eq7 to go where I needed them to go, but that was okay. I had it in my head. 

I cut all my pieces and began and WHAM!  Rectangles and squares do not so the same thing. This might be obvious to some of you and maybe it should not have been to me, maybe I had a dumb moment, maybe I was confused, but what was in my head did not work out. 

I sat and thought and thought and every way I worked it I could not get my block to come out without altering the design. 

I tried different ways even with changing the design and then it just wasn’t what I wanted. 

I went to bed fussy and irritated.  And then…

It literally was in my head when I woke. And I knew exactly what needed to be done to not alter my design. 

I am crazy about this block!  Crazy, crazy, crazy for it. I feel like I think on a very traditional level and mostly have a traditional look to my quilts, and this block feels more modern to me and fresher than anything else I’ve done. 

I’m rambling… I do that when I’m excited. My apologies. 

This post has lacked pictures so here is a few from this weekend. 

Until next time. 

💜, Melanie 


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