And it’s a finish

I’m pleased as punch with this one. It was exciting, spontaneous and pure joy to work on. 

I’ve decided I really like improv quilts without any plan of where we are going with it. Decisions are made on the fly. And though that seems scary, it’s also okay. 

This fabric here or there, cut a little big and worry about trimming it later. No need to struggle for perfection when perfection can be obtained in such a natural way, without the stress of pieces cut to size. 

I backed this one with some Joel dewberry fabric that I’ve had for ages.  And quilted it with a curling circular pattern (something different this time). 

This is a throw size quilt and measures about 70″ square. I’ve got it for sell in my Etsy shop here.  

Thanks for reading along with me and my quilt adventures. 

💜, Melanie 


3 thoughts on “And it’s a finish

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