More of the mod corsage

Lots of fussy cuts appliqués with decorative stitches has been going on with this one. 

I can’t believe I used to hate appliquéing. It was always a bigger deal in my head than it it actually is. And the possibilities with it are endless. 

I’ve been working on this one fairly steadily, adding something each day to it. 

I had this idea in my head of my spring quilt would be full of pastels and maybe even some appliqués bunnies, but that idea was overtaken by this one. 

Flowers are blooming around here. The daffodils and the tulips have filled cases around my house and creating a lovely welcome at my front door. 

So I think this quilt is perfect for the season. 

And I didn’t have to stop working on my strip quilt basket. The border of this quilt was all pulled from that basket, so my goal continues moving forward. 

Have I mentioned those block “flowers” are actually some of my farmers wife quilt blocks. The quilt that I never worked on. I was tired of them sitting up on my design wall, staring at me and calling me out for giving up. Now they have a home and seem quite a perfect fit here in this quilt. 

Almost done with this one now and I’ll be very glad to be too, for my next quilt has been in my mind for about a week and I’m anxious to start it. 

💜, melanie


2 thoughts on “More of the mod corsage

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