The flash of inspiration

I already had sorted through my scrap basket, the one with all the strips, and made my pull for my next quilt. All coral and peach and mint. 

And then inspiration struck. 

And before you think a hot mess is in the works, let me explain. 

I was making a rag quilt while watching Creative Bug. And I took a class by the lovely Anna Maria Horner on a mod corsage technique. Take the class here

It was GREAT by the way. 

It’s about this technique of using orphan quilt blocks to represent flowers, hodge podging fabrics together in an improv style. You can use appliqué and handwork and piecing to create a block. 

I kinda just started sticking stuff on my design wall, very no rules allowed. It’s still very rough draft looking, but I’ll get there. 

My orphan blocks came from my farmers wife quilt. You know the one I was crazy excited about, paper pieced 14 blocks of the 111 and then never did any other work on it for over a year and a half. Yeah that’s the one. It’s been sitting on my design wall ever since, reminding me of my big fat failure. 

I took all those blocks down, pulled the ones I thought could represent flowers and put the rest in a basket. It will irk me no more. 

I hope to finish this block soon and then my plan is to keep going with it and making it grow into a medallion quilt (maybe even use the rest of those farmers wife blocks in it). And since I’m still in a very strippy stage this year, I’m thinking I’ll do strippy borders to keep on my pace with THAT goal. 

Don’t you just love the rush when inspiration hits you?  That drop everything feeling and do this. The planning and excitement that goes on in your head when it comes and then the frenzy of your hands to get it going. The groan at the clock when you know you should be in bed, but you just want to piece ONE more seam PLEASE!!! 

💜, Melanie 


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