Finished – strippy cabin-esque quilt

That was a lot of scrap fabrics. A lot a lot. 

I wish I had counted them. 

For some reason all of my large quilts come out of the dryer wrinkly. 

I backed this one with almost completely in the little girls on bicycles, a Tasha Noel fabric from Riley Blake. But I couldn’t help adding that thin strip of mint to one of the edges. 

I bound it in the black scallop I mentioned earlier. 

This quilt is one of a kind and would not be able to be duplicated. It’s queen size and I have it available for sale in my shop here. 
💜, melanie


3 thoughts on “Finished – strippy cabin-esque quilt

  1. This quilt turned out simply gorgeous!! I use wool dryer balls in the dryer and that seems to help with getting wrinkly quilts from the dryer.

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