Almost done

And so, strip piecing continued on the strippy log cabinesque quilt. 

And this is the basket that has me working in fabric strips so much. You will see it’s still ridiculously full. And I’ve already pulled a twin, a throw, and now a queen quilt top from it. Seriously?!  How is that possible?

Scraps = quilts 

Now I know. 

Last Saturday I finished piecing this one. And then I started to worry that I didn’t like it anymore. That it looked like a bunch of mess. 

I do this often. Love an idea, start on it, the love continues. Then, almost get it finished and then maybe not love it so much and then finish it and love it again. What is that about?

Maybe I get tired of it and already have the idea for my next quilt? (Which I do happen to have in my head already). Maybe. 

Today I basted this quilt. I’m almost done. I get excited after this part. The HARD work is finally over. Now I get to sit for two-three hours and quilt while listening to music or a podcast. 

Those bolts of fabrics above are what I’ve chosen for binding. I’m leaning towards the scallops (2nd bolt). My first choice was the navy on the end, because I like dark bindings and I like navy and…. I was tired of all the light. There I said it! 😊

But I feel ill go with the scallops to keep with the lightness bc that is what the quilt is about. 

What do you think?

💜, Melanie 


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