A very quiet quilt

I’ve spoke of this one. All low volumes. Fabrics with bits of color on very light colored backgrounds. 

My basket of fabric strips continues on this quilt. I pulled all of these bits and chain pieced them until I had long rows. 

 It is an easy quilt. There is nothing to trouble me or frustrate me. I can do no wrong with it. There is no pattern to fuss over or measurements to get exactly right. 

I piece my strippies. They are all different measurements, so I trim the edges off and not worry about the size. I just make sure they have a nice clean edge after I put my toes together. 

Then I put the rows together, around and around just like a log cabin. Sew, press, measure, cut the row and then pin, and repeat. 

Easy. And yet it looks complicated and fussy. 

I want to get it to a queen size and I’m close just a little bit more. 

It took much less scraps than I had set aside. And it has come together a little slower than expected. 

One thing I’ve noticed from my scraps is that I tend to use the same fabrics over and over again. You’ll notice that I don’t have much variety. 

That’s okay though. There are no rules for this one. Just blissful sewing of scraps. 

💜, melanie


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