Custom star dance quilt- in progress

I was not overly excited about this quilt. The pattern I was happy to do, but it was a custom order and my customer chose her own fabrics. And that is the best part about making a quilt. 

I used a block out of the 501 quilt blocks book. Called simplex star. I then changed the size of it to make it bigger. 

I know I ramble on and on about slow make quilts vs. chain piecing quilts, but really I just love both of them for different reasons. 

This was a chain pieced quilt. The blocks took me a whole day on their own and somewhere while working on the blocks I just fell in love with this combination of fabrics even though I didn’t choose it. 

The block was interesting too. It made a small four patch where they met. And let’s be honest, that gold dot was owning me. It was my favorite fabric from this custom bundle. 

I had a hard time laying out since there were several light blocks and several darker blocks so I kept changing them around and around and eventually I had to just force myself to stop. 

I’m pretty smitten with this quilt now. The mint solid mixed with the darker blues and pink and gold. It’s a lovely color palette, I think. 

I timed myself on the quilting. Two hours!  It was a queen size quilt and for two hours I meandered continuously all over it. 

You work on these quilts, particularly the bigger ones. So much time put into them.  They become this kinda friend. One I spent almost a week getting to know. One I wasn’t sure about at first, but found it to be just lovely in the end. 

Info about the block…

Measures 15.5″ unfinished. Made up of 9 smaller blocks that each measure 5.5″ unfinished. For the HSTs I started with 6″ blocks and trimmed down. This is a queen size quilt and I made 42 blocks for it. 6 across, 7 down. Measures 91×106″ finished. 

πŸ’œ, Melanie 


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