Several things

First thing:  last night I worked on a couple more blocks for all my favorites quilt. It’s like a little hunt each time I make the blocks. Looking for the cutest fussy print for the middle. And I’m sitting on a very large stack of heather Ross fabrics so there is no end in sight to this one. And I’ll just keep plugging away at it when I have time. 


Last week I finished this sweet little quilt. I made many listings in my shop from it with lots of size options I love the peach, gray and teal color palette and I thought others might to. Find it here


And last thing:  I pulled all my low volume strips from my basket, pressed them all up and then sorted them by size. I cannot wait to complete a quilt entirely made with low volumes. 

My plan and I’ll sketch something out later, even though it’s supposed to be made in an improv style, but I want to sorta kinda look like a log cabin. One big large one. With sideways strips instead of the norm. Can you picture it?  It’s coming soon. 

💜, Melanie 


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