The coming along of the Hand Cut Heart Quilt – a valentines quilt

 These hearts are hanging about in my studio making me all overly pleased with happy sighs  sounding through the air. 

Add them to all the adorable low volume four patch blocks for complete utter bliss. 

Low volume = undying love (for me anyway). 

I put up a portable design wall (aka a piece of batting in the wall) so that I could get my blocks in just the RIGHT places and then piddle around with them until I did. I needed this on my last quilt. 😕

I had some leftover blocks (bc I can’t count correctly), so I’ll be making a few pillow covers to go along with this one. 

That deer print!  It’s owning me. 

As I put my quilt top together, my daughter folds her shirts in all sorts of odd ways for her all her tie dye expeditions. 

If you noticed on the design wall pic, there were a few blocks that were missing hearts. I simply ran out of pink and red, so I’m quilting “invisible” hearts in those blocks instead. 

So I’ve had several ask about making this quilt sonic thought I’d post some quick directions. 

There are 36 4-patch blocks. Each 4-patch is made up of 5.5″low volume blocks. The unfinished size of each block is 10.5″. This will make the quilt 60″square if you layout in 6 rows of 6. 

For the hearts I took some strips that were different widths, but all the lengths were between 7-10″. I sewed them together in sets of 4. Then I backed them with interfacing and cut out my hearts. Each heart is different. They are all freehand.  Then of course, you just appliqué them on, I did mine raw edge with decorative stitching. All of them are slightly different. 

Finished quilts should be posted tomorrow. 

💜, melanie


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