A few things + the beginnings of a valentines quilt

I’m working on a shop video for my Etsy shop. A new feature they have. This is not it.   This is just me playing, trying to figure out what I want. 

As I lay out a guest book quilt with pictures. If only I could work that fast in real life. 

I went through my strip basket and pulled all of my reds and bright pinks out. There were not too many in this color family, but it was enough. 

I sewed them up in strips of fours. All of them different widths and lengths. None were over 10″ long. 

Then I pressed them and ironed them on to some interfacing.  

Next I folded them and cut half a heart through the fold. This would just insure that my hearts would not be wonky and be symmetrical. Even though they are all different sizes and they are hand cut. So each is a little different. 


I’m going to appliquรฉ them onto low volume blocks. 

This quilt was inspired by this mini I found on Pinterest

I also recently joined a club from pink castle fabrics, their low volume club. I think I get something like 10 fat quarters a month in differ t low volume prints. I’ve gotten it twice so far and I LOOOOOVE them!  

๐Ÿ’œ, Melanie 


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