Finished. Basketweave quilt. 

I have a goal. Finally. For a bit I couldn’t decide what my goal should be. 

I’ve spoken about my baskets of short strips. 

My goal is to make many quilts and get rid of the basket altogether. What’s the point of keeping scraps if I’m never to use them. And this basket is bursting at its seams. 

I went to Pinterest for inspiration and put together a board of nothing but strip quilts. 


And this is my very first finish from that basket of scraps. 

It’s not my usual color palette, but I’m pretty smitten. 

I ADORE this pattern. It’s simple and quick and it removed every single blue and teal strip of fabric from my little basket. 

I did not make this easy on myself. Instead of using long strips and cutting six at a time. I painstakingly cut each strip (with the exception of the black solid) from a very small strip of fabric. That’s what the basket held after all. 

All strips of fabric are 3.5×6.5″. See other details on the pattern here

I quilted in mint. 😍 

I’m certain I will make this quilt again. And I’m very excited about the future projects that will come from this basket. 

This quilt is for sale in my Etsy shop here. 

💜, Melanie 


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