A basketweave quilt

There are baskets that are toppling over. And why am I saving it if I only add to it and never use it. 

This basket that you see holds short (under 10″ strips of fabric), usually 2-4″ wide. 

When i cut blocks for patchwork it’s the little bit leftover. Too big to be thrown away, so into the basket it goes. 

This year I want to put a large dent into this basket. This means strippy quilts. I might even like to give a big chunk of it away. 

But back to it….  I pulled out all the blues, aquas and greens (you couldnt tell I pulled anything). 

I trimmed 336 prints into 2.5×6.5″ rectangles. I also cut up 168 2.5×6.5 rectangles in black fabric for background. I sewed them in sets of three for a total of 168 6.5″ blocks. 

Then made these blocks. 12.5″. I ended up with 42 blocks. 

They were payed out in 6 across and 7 down. This should make a twin quilt. 73×84″. 

I just finished quilting it. I’ll show that off  as I’m done binding and washing. 

Off to bed now. 

💜, Melanie 


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